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Computer Maintenance and Repair


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Computers are a necessary tool for many of us today, no longer just a luxury. Both in our homes and our work we use our personal computers (PC) to communicate, check email, get information and be entertained. Because we use our computers so much it is a major disruption when we need PC repair.

Being a machine, our computers need regular maintenance and repair. If we keep our computers in good condition they should last several years but if we don’t, we run a greater risk of failure and losing our personal data, whether that’s documents, photos, etc. There are two kinds of computer maintenance- software and hardware. Software maintenance is an ongoing process of keeping your operating system, ie: Windows, running well, making sure that there are not extra programs taking up memory, that your software is running as fast as it can. Hardware maintenance includes cleaning the dust from your computer, fixing hard drives, fans, power supplies, etc.

A good computer technician can handle both software and hardware repair and maintenance. Many problems can be fixed by just making software changes or adjustments. In extreme cases a computer’s hard drive must be wiped clean so that a fresh, new installation of Windows can be done. If hardware components fail, they are most often replaced, not repaired.

Technicians can facilitate repairs in three different ways. First, you can take your computer into a local computer shop for serious hardware or software computer repair. Second, a technician can serve you with onsite computer repair by visiting your home or office. Finally, a technician can login to your computer remotely, providing remote PC repair via the Internet, to handle most software related issues.

Some companies charge an hourly rate for services; some charge a flat fee for specific tasks. You can also purchase a maintenance plan that will keep your computer in good shape on a regular basis—kind of like regular maintenance on your car. To find affordable computer repair It is good to check and compare both price and service level when looking at different options. Remember, those that practice regular care and maintenance of their PC will have less frustration and downtime than those who just turn on their computer and expect it to always work.

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