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External Hard Drive


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With the increasing utility of the computer, the need to increase its storage facilities has been met by the external hard drive. Usually connected to the computer from external sources, external hard drives consist of normal IDE, SCSI or SATA, which are enclosed, in disk enclosures that are portable. The disk enclosures come with USB, IEEE1394, e SATA and SCSI client interfaces that are used to connect to the computer. Structurally, the external hard drives are similar to the internal ones. These vital storage facilities also consist of moving heads and platters normally found in conventional hard drives.

External hard drives vary in sizes; they range from big ones that are usually found on desktops to small ones that can fit in a person's pocket. An important point to note however, the size of the external hard drive is has nothing to do with its storage capacity; some small ones are known to do a better job than big ones. It is common for an external hard drive to fail from time to time there are several causes for this. External drives are made to sit straight on flat surfaces, which can make them susceptible to leaning over. One should always put their external hard rives in a flat position away from the edges to prevent them from falling which can causes them to fail. Some people use wrong power cords with their external drives, which often cause them to fail, as the consequent for this is normally a power surge that overheats the external hard drive.

Another common reason for failing of external hard drives is the twisting of cords and cables. One should always make sure that the cables and cords that connect the drive to the computer have sufficient length and are not twisted to prevent them from pulling it to the floor. Power surges during a lighting storm can cause external hard drives to fail by overheating it therefore, it is imperative to unplug and power down these drives in the event of a lighting storm. Incase a person's external hard drive fails, they can take it to a Data recovery company to repair it and retrieve any important data that could have been lost during the failure.

A person looking for a peripheral hard drive will find computer magazines very resourceful as they contain much information concerning computers. The internet is also helpful as it has much information regarding these drives and the places from which one can get them. The type of files one wants to save is a determinant of the hard drive they are going to choose. People who save things like photos, videos and graphics normally go for less portable ones. Another thing to consider when buying external hard drives is portability if one wants to be carrying their files with them. People who back up files should go for large external drives with much storage facilities. One should always go for quality when choosing these drives and they should always buy them from reputable places.


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