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What to Look For When Purchasing an External Hard Drive


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An external hard drive is a piece of hardware that is nearly essential for every person who owns a personal computer. While many people go without the external drive, having a portable hard drive can be helpful in more ways than one. For those who have important data that they cannot afford to lose, a portable hard drive allows them to keep a safe copy of their data files. By keeping an extra copy, one of the hard drives can completely crash, and you will still have the file. Those who do not make back up copies of their files may lose everything, but those of us with an external hard drive will not lose a thing. If you are looking to purchase an external portable hard drive however, there are a few things that you should look at and consider.

How Much Does it Cost?

With the state of the economy today, many people are looking at prices to determine what they want and if it will fit into their budget. If you set your budget before you begin your search for a external hard drive, you can make sure you will stick within your limits. With a set budget, you can actually limit your search to the hard drives you can afford. This will help you know what you can afford, and will help you find the best hard drive possible in your price range.

How Much Space can it Hold?

One of the things you should know before heading into purchasing an external hard drive is the amount of space that you need. Once you know how much storage space you need, you can understand exactly what size portable hard drive will fill your needs. Portable drives come in all sizes, meaning you can find one with not only the storage you want but also the actual size dimensions you want. If you do not know this information, you could be paying a lot more for your drive than you actually need for your back up storage tasks.

Is It Compatible?

While most external hard drives will work on every computer, there may be certain compatibility issues you may possibly encounter. By checking for compatibility with your system, you can make sure your external hard drive can work with your system. Sure, you can always take it back if it does not work with your computer system, but why waste the time and the effort when you can save yourself the trouble by being informed? So, make sure you check the box packaging to make sure the drive is compatible with your system.

Who Made It?

Being familiar the company who manufacturers the external hard drive you considering can be incredibly helpful. Certain brands and companies have acquired different kinds of reputations over the years. Reviews have been posted online, and can be found with a little bit of effort. Reviews will help you to figure out which companies make the best and most reliable hard drives.

While many people use a small external hard drive to copy their files for data loss prevention, there is another major way to use the device. If you need to take your computer with you, or a large amount of files with you to another computer, you can simply move all of your files to the external hard drive . The copy of all of the files can be opened on another computer, which will essentially “move" your computer to wherever you need it to be. As long as you follow these simple steps, you will know that you have an external hard drive that you will be satisfied with.

Jim Hedgecoth is a computer enthusiast professional writer for I/O Magic Corporation. An I/O Magic Portable Hard Drive is an excellent choice for all your personal storage device needs


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