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Computer Diagnostic Tools

Aaron Guhl

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Computer diagnostic tools can provide a very basic, yet very crucial function. It can output an error message that indicates a problem with a program or device. Windows uses a built in error reporting feature that runs whenever there is a issue with a program. Diagnostic tools benefit users because they help explain why malfunctions are happening.

Over time, a computer may seem as if it is slower than it once was for no apparent reason. Hardware devices can malfunction and problems can appear out of nowhere. Because people today have become so dependant on their computers, these problems can be irritating and problematic. Too often do people try to resolve a computer issue by concentrating on the symptoms. A diagnostic tool will help you identify the reason for the issue rather than concentrating on the symptoms.

Having the right tools to find the source for the problem or computer error can save you time, money, and even a little peace of mind. Focusing on removing or masking the symptoms will only be a temporary fix as they will most likely return. This is when the right tool can save you time as it will prevent you from having to resolve the same issue over and over again. Having a tool to pinpoint the problem will allow you to go straight to the source and replace the part necessary to get rid of the issue permanently.

Diagnostic tools are available in several forms. The most widely used for is a software tool. These diagnostic tools scan your computer and its registry for any irregularities it may find. If they find anything out of the ordinary, many of them can even fix the problematic registry keys.

If the problem you are having resides with a physical hardware component, a software program may not be able to detect the root of the problem accurately. While there are some software applications out there that are capable of detecting some hardware related issue, sometimes it will just require another kind of tool. To solve pesky hardware issues you can purchase diagnostic tools for your computer that connect to specific components on your PC.

These hardware diagnostic tools connect to the devices on your computer to test them and ensure that they are operating appropriately. While these tools will usually cost more than their software counterparts, they are usually a lot better at finding hardware issues with your computer and will pay for itself in the long run.

In short, spending a little extra cash toward a computer diagnostic tool can be a good way to protect your computer. If you are the type of person who likes to handle issues on your own and get hands-on with your computer, then owning your own computer diagnostic tool is a good way to learn more about your computer while saving time and money.

Aaron Guhl a long time PC gamer and has followed the industry closely. He works in the IT industry and has a tremendous love for working with computer hardware. He also develops websites on the side which he writes articles for. Visit for more information on DirectX 10 and GeForce 8800 video cards that support it.


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