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Computer Printers Dot Matrix Generation to All in One


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I remember those dot matrix computer printers which were screeching and screeching as they slowly printed out your documents. They used to make lot of noise, annoying but they were high technology of that time. Since then computer printers have come a very long way. Nowadays, not only you got high speed printers but also you have fax, copy, scanner included which means all office instruments aggregated in one compact device. The good point about this multifunction peripheral is that it doesn't cost too much.

Do I need to go for specific brand?

There are tons of brands out there that is hard to choose. Brands like Dell, HP, Cannon, Epson, Brother, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp. Each one of these brands has its own specialty and quality. However doing some research is vital to find your appropriate computer printer. You don't want to purchase a printer which is not worth buying. You should first recognize your needs. Are you willing to print out a large volume of documents per day? Then definitely laser printer would be your choice.

Maybe you don't need printing tons of papers but you want to print high quality color photos, then you certainly should go for photo computer printer. If you need printing large volume of photos per day then inkjet printers will cost you lot of money changing cartridges every week or so. But if don't care about cost of changing cartridges regularly, then inkjet computer printer delivers high quality print outs. Maybe you just need scan and fax functionalities then you don't have to go for expensive printers like laser ones. The small desktop home printer would perfectly work for you. Maybe you are a owner of large printing, finishing factory, then you will need a production printing MFP.

All-in-one Computer Printers

Nowadays, as I said computer printers do much more than just print documents. Plus printing, faxing, scanning, copying, even e-mailing are additional features which are aggregated in one machine. Most computer printers will copy documents, scan pictures and documents with their built in scanning capabilities. The print feature is even advanced in some models, allowing you to print high quality pictures as well as high quality documents. Different models provide different functionality, you can have all your office needs taken care of with one easy to use computer printer model. That cuts down on the space your units take up, it saves you money, and it's very convenient.

Recently Hewlett-Packard presented a new generation of multifunction or all-in-one mobile printers which only focus on printing functionality but in multiple ways. They are 5lb printer, lightweight, compact and portable. You can print with wire and wirelessly through Bluetooth from your cell phone or PDA. You can print high quality photos from your memory card, digital camera in your car or office. Compare to first generation of printers (dot Matrix), there is no noise at all. They equipped with antivibration technology which means no noise, no move while it's printing.

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