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LCD Monitors - Pioneers of the Technological Revolution


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A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a thin and flat display device that is capable of showing any number of colours. It is used in the electronic devices which run on D. C. power. Such devices consume very less amount of electric power. In fact, the time of CRT monitors has gone and now the LCDs are getting huge demand all over the world.
LCD monitors are being used extensively now and these are outselling the other types of monitors. Since these have become affordable now, therefore the demand for the LCD has increased immensely. These displays not only have great features but also make a good impact on user's health. The design and structure of the flat screen monitors have changed dramatically in the recent times. The thickness of such displays is just a few inches and the weight is much lighter than the normal screens. Due to the attractive shapes and sizes, the LCD screens take very less desk space. The following lines explain various advantages of these monitors.

Brightness: LCD flat panels are brighter than any other monitors including CRT displays. These equipments are capable of generating vibrant images which require more brightness.

Clarity of images: The images and text matters produced by LCD monitors are quite attractive and clear. A collection of static and crystal clear pixels help such screens to produce this clarity.

Footprint: The depth of a LCD is only few inches, so it can be placed near the wall in any corner of the room. It saves a lot of space which can be used for other purposes.

Width of the border: This type of screen has very narrow screen boarders that help in creating large virtual displays. Such displays are basically a collection of smaller screens.

Electricity consumption: The LCD screen is useful because of its less power consumption. In fact, these displays consume less than half of what a CRT display takes. In an office, where hundreds of computers run everyday, the LCD flat panels support in cutting the operating costs.

Reduced eye strain: The flat screens produces less eye strain because of their ergonomic features. In fact, they are easier to look at and one can work for many hours on these displays.

The flat monitors come in bigger size than CRT screens. Therefore, it becomes easy to install any particular computer software in the computer system. Some of the softwares require high resolution monitors and therefore LCD screens are perfect for installing them. The refreshing time is also very less on these display systems. The pixels automatically get on or off and therefore one does not need to refresh the screen time and again.
Getting a LCD flat screen becomes quite difficult since one can find a large number of manufacturers in the markets that make these displays. The online marketplaces have also come into the picture in the last five years. Some of the points which should be looked while purchasing a good quality flat screen monitor are given below.

Size: A flat display uses its entire screen to project an image. Therefore, the shoppers should look for the adequate screen size. The 17-inch models are commonly found in the households.

Resolution: The buyers should go for the high resolution monitors. At the same time they must take care of the ergonomic features of screens.

Contrast ratio: Since higher contrast ratio provides better colour combination of the screen, so one should look for this feature. The ratio of 350:1 can be ideal for showing wallpapers, screen savers and other high quality videos.
There are a number of companies that manufacture the LCD monitors . HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. , are the leading brands these days. All of them produce dual-tilt and anti-glare LCD monitors. The HP Pavilion screens come up with Harmon Kardon speakers which produce amazing sound quality. Compaq Presario products are available in attractive colours and sizes. They also have inbuilt speakers that save substantial amount of disk space.

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