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Five Reasons to Ask a Professional


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Help for Hardware

With the constant growth of computer technology in both our personal and professional lives, quite a few of us have become very comfortable and quite familiar with performing routine maintenance on our computers. Not only that, many of us have become so comfortable that we take it upon ourselves to perform upgrades, ranging from simple sound card upgrades to more complex motherboard upgrades. Regardless of the increasing comfort with dealing with technology, there are still times when a professional should be consulted to assist with hardware.

Warranty Maintenance

You can save money in the long run by consulting a professional. There are some computers and computer hardware warranties that will be voided if a professional is not consulted for installation. Of course it would be initially cheaper to be a do-it-yourselfer when installing hardware, but the protection provided by a warranty is well worth the added cost, especially if the upgrade goes bad.

Furthermore, the work performed by a professional is usually backed up by an additional warranty of the professionals service. This way, if there is a problem with the hardware that was installed by the professional, there is a guarantee that the problem will be fixed for no additional cost.

The Troubleshooting Thrill

If your computer is not working properly or starting to develop unwanted symptoms, a professional can help troubleshoot the problem. For example, the current memory hardware might be sufficient, but just needs to be cleaned up a little by removing some worthless files or repairing broken files. Or, your computer might already have a great sound card, but it just needs new speakers to improve the sound. A professional will be able to help make this determination and possibly even save you money by preventing the purchase of unnecessary additional software software or hardware.

Also, the professional can check connections of currently installed hardware to make sure it is hooked up and installed correctly.

Compatibility, what a lot of people seem to neglect.

You have to keep in mind that not all hardware is created equally. More so, not all hardware is compatible. Making sure that all hardware components will work together properly can be a very difficult task. A sound card that works just fine with the current motherboard may not work as a compatible unit with a new video card. A professional will be able to look at the computer as a whole to make sure all components work together to gain optimal performance from each piece of hardware.

Do-it-yourselfers that try to select and install new hardware might be very disappointed when it doesn't perform like expected. Believe me problems with incompatibility can not only be costly but very time consuming. I've been there, done that!

Getting the Most for Your Money

Professionals deal with computers every day. It is their job to be up to date on the most recent technology and to know what great new hardware is looming in the horizon. A computer professional will be able to explain the different hardware choices in layman's terms to help ensure the customer makes the choices that are best for his personal needs. They are also extremely helpful to the customer in determining what hardware is truly necessary to achieve the desired levels of performance.

Also, at the same time, the professional has the necessary knowledge to choose hardware that will be easy to upgrade in the future. When you are upgrading, planning ahead makes future upgrades less costly and easier to perform.

Having Peace of Mind

A professional can easily make sense of the diagrams and inner workings of a customers computer. He most likely, has already worked on dozens of the same type of computers. Also, going to a professional prevents the stress and confusion of having to figure out how to choose the right hardware, how to properly dismantle the computer, and how to install the new hardware without damaging the existing hardware of the computer.

In addition, do-it-yourselfers run the risk of having the computer out of commission for extended periods of time while trying to figure out how to put it back together or while trying to troubleshoot the problems they are having with the installation. I most cases, a professional can install the new hardware in one or two days, getting the computer up and running in a very short period of time.

In conclusion, many people believe that it is less expensive to do the job themselves when it comes to computer upgrades and replacing hardware. While it may seem cheaper to begin with, the professional knowledge and expertise provided by a professional computer service provider usually results in less costs in the future.

Also, having work done by a professional simply provides a peace of mind that you just can't put a price on.

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