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High Power Laser Pointers - The Laser Beam Brighter Yet Blinding


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Laser pointer enthusiasts are always looking for lasers with high power. It seems the more dangerous the laser pointer the more people want to get their hands on them. The reality is that military laser pointers are readily available via the internet these days, and people from all over the world are utilizing high power laser pointers for various applications, with little regard to danger.

If you are looking for powerful lasers and have some experience handling high power laser devices, than you will find the web a great tool to shop for all of your laser goods. The beauty is that this is entirely open to the public as well. Laser pointers are no longer cheap keychain lasers that are being sold on street corners, technology has turned them into advanced portable laser light gadgets. If you are familiar with astronomy lasers you have seen much of the transformation over the past several years, and luckily for us, high power laser pointers are now relatively inexpensive in price.

One thing every laser user must remember is laser safety must always be kept in mind, most importantly when handling high power lasers over 200mW or 300mW. The higher the output power of the laser, the brighter and more intense the beam will appear. Many high power lasers are capable of popping balloons, lighting cigarettes or cigars, even cutting through electric tape. If you have ever searched for powerful lasers on youtube you know what powerful portable lasers are capable of. Knowing the danger and potential hazards of these burning lasers, you really must keep your safety and the safety of others a number one priority when your powerful laser pointer is engaged.

Green lasers are typically designed with the largest potential for higher power. This is not only because the 532nm green beam frequency is the brightest color in the visible light spectrum, but also because green lasers are quite simple to modify in the production stage for higher laser output. The potential for hand held lasers on the market today goes from your simple 5mW green laser pointer to 100mW and even in excess of 300mW. Some of the worlds most powerful laser pointers are literally just a click or two away if you know where to look, but remember, use your high power laser with caution. If the beam is capable of burning industrial strength electric tape, what potential hazards can we see to human flesh or your eyes retinas? Do not let the allure of a high power laser distract you from the danger you possess, shine with care, and don't for get to enjoy what technology has brought upon you.

James is an avid user of powerful laser pointers and has designed various accessories and projections for use with powerful lasers. He prefers certified laser pointers from , for professional high power laser pointers .


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