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External Hard Drive- Why it is Necessary


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If you are having problems with recovering data from your hard drive, pick up an external hard drive. which is'nt an expensive piece. The new hard drive comes blank or empty. So you can pull out your old one and slide in the new one, or you can attache it to a USB port with a USB cord. Then you would need to take the old one to an I. T. person to see what could be saved from it. Most of the time damage is cause to your hard drive when a virus slips in. Some believe that in a power failer your hard drive could be damaged, But the most severe damage occurs to your drive when power actually returns, so be sure to unplug your machine immediately after a power outage. Power fluctuations can also cause damage to electronic components. While hard-drive failures are much rarer than before, they still occur. Backing up your data can save you from alot of headaches. Backups can be kept on diskette, CD, DVD, tape or external hard drive. The advantages of these types of back-up is that they are phyiscally dettached from your computer. Do not attempt to re-enstall your data back onto your computer until it has be totally cleaned of all virus's.


When you consider how depended we've become on computers and all the important irreplaceable data we stored on them, suddenly the cost of external hard drive for additional backups and the time needed to do regular backups is obsulite. The loss of both the original copy and backup can also happen if a hard drive-destroying virus strikes while the external hard drive is connected or if there is a lightening strike or severe power surge. Alway have a third or even forth back-up. I store my photos on my computer in my E-mail, you can access that from any other computer and the are safe. I also have them on disk. Disk are also a good idea for all of you important data.


You can also buy a wireless network card that plugs into a slot on your computer, or use a Flash Card. With the PC card you made need an adapter. You can purchase this from stores that carry digital cameras. Instead of the PC Card adapter, you can get USB adapters. If you need help installing or transferring data you could contact your computer tech. support.

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