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level 99 Skill mastery In Runescape Game

Gabay Ka

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Skill mastery is achieved by reaching level 99 in any skill. Level 99 is the maximum level a player can advance in a skill, with the exception of Dungeoneering, although players can have up to 200,000,000 experience in any skill. Thus, if a player has level 99 in all the skills, the maximum total levels are 2,496 levels. When level 99 in any skill is reached, there is a different fireworks animation that can be heard by everyone nearby.

Pay-to-play players reaching level 99 in a skill are entitled to wear a Cape of Accomplishment for that particular skill. This cape can be bought from a specific skill master for 99,000 coins. When operated, this cape allows a player to have a temporary level of 100, and the player performs a unique emote. Furthermore, if the player reaches Level 99 in more than one skill, the player's skill cape becomes trimmed and any more skill capes the player obtains will also become trimmed along with the newly received cape, of course.

Cooking and Fletching give fairly quick training (2–4 weeks), with anywhere from a cost of 1-8 million coins to a profit of up to or exceeding 3 million depending how they are trained. Woodcutting is debatably the easiest, although not necessarily the fastest. Level 99 can be achieved in about 3 months with very little input using the most popular method, Choking Ivy, making it the easiest skill to train with minimal attention required. Another little-known skill that gives fast, inexpensive experience is Thieving . Level 45-99 Thieving can be done in 2–4 weeks with a total of 83–98 hours spent, depending on how long someone plays each day. Strength is by far the most trained, resulting in the highest number of 99s. Achieving a level 99 skill is not easy no matter which skill, and thus it is classified as a major achievement. This is why wearing the Cape of Accomplishment is something to be proud of.

Level 99 Parties(buy runescape gold )
A Level 99 party is a party held by a player to celebrate his/her achievement in getting a level 99 in a skill. A party can happen anywhere; many players have them at their POH, and some choose to be near the skill master so they can get their cape quicker. There are mixed views on these parties, which also vary for different skills. Some players view “easy" 99s unworthy of parties, but this varies widely.

Players usually invite friends to follow them as they level up from 98 to 99. After levelling, they usually head to the master of that skillcape. The player will then buy the cape of the 99 skill and equip it, then do the emote of that particular skill often to rounds of congratulations and cheering.

Alternatively, some players may get 99 in a skill and later go with a group of friends to purchase the skillcape.

Players may take videos or get a friend to take a video of their journey to 99 and of them getting their cape. These videos are some of the most common RuneScape videos shown on sites such as YouTube.

The player may then host a house party in their house or a friends. The group of players will usually just have fun and relax. Alternatively, players may head to the Party Room and have a drop party. They may light origami balloons, use toy mice, or do anything else to celebrate. Players may also host normal drop parties. ( cheap runescape gold )


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