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The Runescape Game Differences Armour

Gabay Ka

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Armour had many differences in RuneScape Classic, one of the main being that male and female armour differed. Female tops had more curved shape and lower neckline with plates on the shoulders and gauntlets. The skirt went all the way to the ground. In the case of male armour, it went for a more muscled approach, though the entire upper body was covered right down to the hands. The legs had a rather baggy look, sometimes being referred to as “snow pants. " Some players were slightly annoyed by the fact that male characters were blocked from wearing female plate, even though female characters could wear male or female plates as they wished.

In very early RuneScape Classic, there was an equipment stat called “Hiding". It was to be used to make aggressive monsters not notice players and thus not attack them. Hiding was later removed.
Some armour provides special effects when the full set of armour is worn. This may make the armour useful for reasons other than just the standard defence bonuses. Barrows armour set provides its own specific effect when used in combat. For example, Dharok's hits higher when on lower lifepoints, Verac's can hit through an opponents protection prayer, Guthan's has a chance of healing, and Torag's lowers your opponent's run energy. Other armour, such as Battle robes, give a chance of saving runes when casting certain spells.

When RuneScape Classic first began, it only had Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Mithril. Later in the game, Adamantite, Black and Rune were added.

There was an NPC named Thrander just south of the east bank in Varrock that could switch male platebodies and platelegs to female platebodies and platelegs for free, but he disappeared during the transition to RS2, as players discovered an easy way to obtain money from purchasing cheaper Female counterparts and converting them for more expensive Male counterparts. There was no longer any need for him seeing as the new RS2 plates change when worn by a character and skirts and legs are separate items with different prices. (buy runescape gold )

Another key difference was that plate could not be worn at the same time as gloves, and legs couldn't be worn at the same time as boots. However, if a character wore chainmail, they could wear gloves. Some PKers preferred wearing chain in order to wear gloves and get the slight Attack boost gained at the expense of some defence. (cheap rs gold )

In very early RuneScape Classic, there was an equipment stat called “Hiding". It was to be used to make aggressive monsters not notice players and thus not attack them. Hiding was later removed.


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