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The RuneScape Game Classic skills

Gabay Ka

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RuneScape Classic is still actively maintained on the official website for those who still wish to access it. The same account is used for both games, but items, progress and skills on each are separate. Here some RuneScape Classic skills

There were originally only regular trees and when members came out, Oak trees. However, Jagex later updated the game and introduced many more trees once they created the Fletching skill. Free-to-play could still only chop regular trees, though. Unlike RS2, in RSC, chopping trees takes more time, as you can ‘slip and fall’ and fail to cut the tree, and have to try to cut it again. However, you could continue to cut logs with a full inventory. Excess logs would be automatically dropped on the ground. In very early days, player had to use the axe on a tree to cut it, requiring a lot of clicks.

Only the logs of normal trees can be burnt, and you can burn logs anywhere, even banks. You have to drop the logs before you could burn them. Experience allocated per log depends on the Firemaking level itself. It is the only skill to work this way, meaning experience is gained more quickly as levels are gained. Before fletching was added, woodcutting worked the same way. After the update, some players (especially free users) complained that regular logs didn't give as much experience as they used to.

Before the introduction of pickaxes of different materials, there was only one type of pickaxe. Pickaxes couldn't be used as weapons. In mining originally, rocks wouldn't change colour when there was ore present. Thus players had to prospect each rock which led to repetitive clicking. It wasn't until the introduction of Fatigue that rocks began to show when they had ore in them. Furthermore, you didn't automatically hit the rock, you had to click every individual hit. Before even that, player had to use pickaxe on a rock instead of just clicking on a rock. New pickaxes of all kinds came out that could hit multiple times per click.

For a long time, bones and big bones were the only forms of experience for Prayer. This made it very hard to train. It wasn't until someone suggested making dragon bones that there was anything better, and those were the only three bones available until RS2, besides bat bones but they were very rarely used. There were two types of protection prayers that time: “Paralyze monsters" which would work the same way as “Protect from melee", but wouldn't work against players and “Protect from missiles" which would completely protect the player from magic and ranged used by other players. Enemy monsters did not have an ability to use magic or ranged. In the very early days of RuneScape Classic, prayer was divided into 2 parts: Prayer Good and Prayer Evil.

Magic, like Prayer, was divided into 2 parts: GoodMagic and EvilMagic in the earlier days. The evil magic spells were Confuse, Thick Skin, Shock Bolt, Elemental Bolt and Fear, and the good magic spells were Chill Bolt, Burst of Strength, Camouflage, Rock Skin and Wind bolt. Magic spells could be “failed" - the player would keep their runes but be unable to cast spells for 20 seconds. It was less likely for the player to fail spells at a higher level. Autocasting did not exist back then. Because runes were less common on RuneScape Classic , they gave far more experience.

The magic skill within RuneScape Classic determines what spells you can cast; to see all your spells click on the spell book icon and the magic menu will be brought up. From there you can select spells to cast. The colour of the spell name tells you if you can cast it or not. If the spell appears black then your magic level is not high enough to use it. If the spell name appears in white, this means you are proficient enough to use this but have not got the required runes to cast it. If a spell name appears in yellow then you have everything you need to cast that spell. When you want to cast a spell just click on the spell name, and then click onto a target.

Prior to the introduction of RuneScape 2, in the 2-D game, spells were universally represented by a simple, flying blue star, which proved difficult to distinguish from arrows, which were green stars. Also, in the original RuneScape, players were capable of casting magic spells while wearing full rune armour, leading to a massive imbalance in favour of high-level mages.

In RuneScape Classic, each spell gives the fixed experience using the formula 2 * spell level + 20. Jagex explains that the reduction of Magic experience in RuneScape 2 was due to the fact that runes were easier to obtain on the new version. (cheap rs gold )

In Runescape Classic, players could not use ranged weapons when engaged in melee combat. The arrow projectile was represented as a green splotch.

Before fletching skill was introduced, there was only one type of arrow and only a few types of ranged weapons. (buy runescape gold )


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