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Maplestory Game The Third Job

Gabay Ka

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Fire/Poison Mage Training Locations
Level 70-75
Location: Parking Lot (Japan)
Monster: Extra D, Leader B
Location: Ghost ship 5 (Singapore)
Monster : Selkie jr.
Technique: an excellent place for explosion mages. In Parking Lot, go to the right corner, go up a truck, and spam explosion over all the creatures near you. The exp that you'll be getting with this training method should be as high enough to level in several hours.

In the case of poison mages, stick up with DTs, but if you started as a fire wizard, stick just White Pangs, in case your MS version has, go to Ghost ship 5, and train with Selkies Jr. , exp as good as white pangs, but a better spawn rate, as well as drops. This is also a good training spot for explosion mages, since they may climb up the ladder, and spam explosion endlessly, with less risks than Parking Lot.

Level 75-80

Location: Magatia
Monster: None
Technique: Magatia is a great training spot if the version you are playing has the Magatia Party Quest. At level 71-85 you can get good rewards (such as Cape Scroll of INT 60%). It's better to complete this PQ at level 75 because your ability, Explosion or Poison Mist, must be at a moderately high level. Just remember that Poison is useful when killing enemies that have Super defense up, while Explosion is more useful when killing large monsters or defending.

With Poison Mist level 30
Location: Phantom Forest
Monster: Bigfoot
Technique: use Poison Mist on Bigfoot, then wait for it to reach 1 HP. Kill it, but don't get hit by it's deadly attacks. You will receive an immense amount of experience.

Ice/Lightning Mage Training Locations

Level 70-80
Same old, same old. Zombies, Hectors, Gryphons, Retz (though it's probably getting slower by now until your IS can kill them in one hit), and Voodoo/Hoodoos for GMSers, or if u want wait to use IS kill Slimys or Selkie Jrs with lightning. Beware, the place may be crowded. Once IS picks up, viable places include Pirates in Red Nose Pirate's Den II, Death Teddies, Buffoons, and if you're bold, Wolf Spiders.

Somewhere between levels 77 and 83 you can try squids if you like. While the exp is fair, you won't make much money. Gobies are not as good as they use to be but can be a fun break from hours of training.

Level 75-85
Depending on your level of Ice Strike, you can go to Wolf Spiders in New Leaf City. If you mob them correctly, you should be able to gain at least 25%/hour. Not only that, you also have a chance of finding a deck of Ilbi throwing-stars. You will make massive profits here.

Level 85-93
This is where it gets fun. Time to head over to Leafre and kill red kents. The occasional mole stun might be annoying but this is an excellent place to train (20% an hour) There is also a lot of money to be made as red kents drop blue screamers, serpents tongue and 10% glove attacks. Thunder spear and Comp mages go to Vikings

Level 93-100
Now its time to move on to red wyverns. At 2500 exp a kill, training rates will increase. If you party with a priest and another Ice Mage, look forward to seeing up to 40% an hour. 2x exp is godly here. Again thunder spear and comp mages that still don’t have I/S stay at vikings or move on to Gigantics.

Level 100-120
If you have enough pots and you feel really bold, you can go to the Peak of the Big Nest and start killing Skelesaurus and Nest Golem. They give 4700 and 4450 exp respectively. Even though training rate my be slow (10-15% an hour) Skelesarus’ drop a lot of mastery books and you can literally make millions a day if you are lucky (Boomerang Step sells for up to 50 million mesos).

Priest Attacking
As a Priest, you have plenty of party skills at your fingertips, coupled together with Doom, Shining Ray and Summon Dragon.

It is recommended that you train with parties, as you are will be sought after, and constant experience coming in from party members will help you to train more efficiently. Going to bosses in a party is also an available option. If possible, try to attack the boss, as you will gain more experience points from it this way. Always cast Holy Symbol for them to boost more EXP.

Summon Dragon versus Doom
Summon dragon is quite weak and costs a Summoning Rock (or Magic Rock in some versions), which is why you only want to spend a maximum of 15 SP on it (the pre-requisite for Bahamut). Although Summon Dragon is much weaker than Bahamut, which you'll gain when you reach 4th job, casting Doom can also be expensive as it also consumes one Summoning Rock. If you're using Doom in a casting rotation, as a typical way to deal with enemies, you will end up using many more Summoning Rocks than you would with Summon Dragon. The other downside to Doom is that even when you have maxed it (30 SP), it only has a 90% chance of success.

SR-Healing combination

While training on undead monsters (weak to Heal), utilize a combination of Heal and Shining Ray to attract enemies and then destroy them quickly as a group. This method is most effective if you are able to master it without using Magic Guard. Using heal, you should be able to regain any life that small amounts of health that you lose. The downside to using Magic Guard is that you will consume many MP Potions when it's not necessary. Please note that Shining Ray has a limited vertical range, so you will not be able to attack monsters slightly above you. In this case, fighting enemies that respawn quickly on a single, large platform is best. Remember to always cast Invincible and Bless first for safety as the touch damage of higher levels of undead monsters can be high.

Holy Symbol
In training areas, please be noted that casting Holy Symbol in parties is rather slow. During the animation run time, you can only consume potions, loot or just Teleport to the left/right. It is recommended to cast it when you're hanging on a rope or ladder(if available) to overcome the delay.
Training Locations

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Level 70-80
Train with MDTS (Master Death Teddies) or DTs (Death Teddies) with a Dragon Knight. It's GREAT exp especially if the Dragon Knight knows what he's doing.
Another good training location for 70-80 would be Hoodoo/Voodoos at Haunted Mansion. Haunted Mansion is available year-round in GlobalMS and EurpopeMS.
Wraiths and Zombies also give pretty good experience, but MDTS and Hoodoo/Voodoos are generally betterSlimys or Mr. Anchor in Singapore also give good experience, similar to Voodoos/Hoodoos per hour.
For stronger priests who can survive, late 7x is when it becomes possible to go to be a party priest for himes. Romeo and Juliet Party Quest (Magatia) from level 71 to 85 is also a good place to train as the experience is good and there is the possible reward of the horus eye a decent necklace for priests that don't have enough money to buy deputy star. Another low 7x training spot is Authorized Personel, in Magatia. Sites give less exp than Voodoos/Hoodoos, but have a faster spawn rate, and drop more mesos. The other downside is that their MP is not MP Eater sustainable, meaning that you will have to eventually use pots. The meso drop is more than enough to counteract this.

Level 80-90
Now you train with a Dragon Knight, still. but now at grims or Phantom grim watches at 85+
Voodoo/Hoodoo Still give decent exp Himes are a pretty good option at this level.
Although it isn't a common training ground, some priests train at lucidas in Orbis, if they have max SR (Shining Ray). They are weak to Holy Magic, but not to heal so SR does pretty good damage.

Level 90+
Now its just straight forward to himes (dreamy ghost) they can be located in the pine forest which is in Zipangu, in the map, Encounter with the Buddha. Look out for the Black Crow.
A second option would be the Prendergast Mansion, to mob the Vanity room Nightmares. These buddies give off good exp, especially if you're training with a character with a bloody high attack and AOE hit.


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