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"Catherine" Gaming Console Game Report

Buccaneer Dan

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These days game offerings are focused by a small number of major categories of games. I just like to describe these as “Feed the Peasant Games” (Age of Empires III), “Shooter Games” (Resistance 3), Platform Games (Super Mario Galaxy 2), Sports Simulations (Tiger Woods PGA Tour) and Role Playing Games (Skyrim). Adventure Games (Alice Madness Returns) were a previously desirable genre, but now are pretty much ignored. Yes there are additional styles and a great number of combos of these varieties, however the majority slide into some probable classification. Catherine for the most part is an Adventure Game.

If you only just read my write-up “Packing the Fudge in Your Game and Taking a Byte of Video Game Relationships” (you can find it through all major search engines), you already know I indicate that various xbox 360 games are shifting to a new vision of developing relationships and interpersonal love affairs. So now Catherine, a unique title from Altus absolutely makes good in this respect. The narrative revolves around Vincent a 30ish IT specialist who works during the day and at nighttime when not asleep, he can be found at his favorite barroom. Vincent has a significant other named Katherine (that is with a “K"), who is kind of a nagging bitch, even though she seems to have the best of intentions. She is pressing him into matrimony and he is undecided if this is what he honestly is looking for. To throw a monkey wrench into his final decision, he comes across a totally dissimilar variety of gal named Catherine (note the “C" spelling). She is fresh, attractive, very interesting and all about having fun. She ultimately ends up sleeping with Vincent. Right now poor Vincent is in a quandary about his situation. This leads him to have some unpleasant night terrors packed with sheep who plan to murder him in real life.

Your time spent in the game is separated between Vincent’s time in his dreams, where you need to accomplish increasingly more difficult puzzles to get away from from the dream world and periods in the barroom, in which you will be conversing with your pals and pushing the story ahead. The ideas are unprecedented here on the story-line side of Catherine. This is not your grandpa's style of adventure game. Here you will be able to locate two unusual video game complications, fidelity and anxiety of commitment.

The soundtrack and visuals are extremely good and enhance the game play. Personally, I did not fancy the manga form of drawing people, because they appear to be from the drawing board of a “Speed Racer” cartoon, but thank God Chim-Chim is not used. The dream sequences are a string of the nearly the same puzzle that gets more tough as the game moves forward. These puzzles are not my thing and a number of users will be deterred by the hardships they introduce.

Your period of time spent in the watering hole (The Castrated Goat) or whatever it is called) is the predominant segment of the saga. This is well setup and a joy to play. In these scenes you speak with your chums and disentangle the experiences in your life, moving toward a resolution to your challenges. There is moral meter included in the game to keep you in tune with the decision process. This feature undoubtedly sets up an alternate repeat of the game calculated on new decisions.

Elements I appreciated: Soundtrack, seamless graphics and cut scenes, original storyline, moral compass and refreshing new character types. Not like recent steaming turds like Duke Nukem Forever, you can get a exceptional absolutely free demo which allows you to experiment with the game before you shell out $60 for the full version.

Factors I did not like: The redundant level style puzzle game. Even though I am a fan of anime, 3d developed characters would have been a much more effective alternative. The game is obviously a Japanese game converted into English, but no matter the number of Western names are brought in the game is culturally associated with Japan. Regrettably, to date the video game is only available for gaming consoles. So where is the PC edition for us game controller incapable customers?

This game may look like a cartoon, but it is absolutely not for little tikes. The topics are very and carry the following warning: Blood, Partial Nudity, *** Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol, and Violence. The product is rated M for numerous reasons. On some bulletin boards Catherine is panned due to the fact it is not a *** o game. So if you are an 18 year old jack-off, avoid this game and go right to your favorite *** site and download uncensored Hentai.

All in all Catherine is a really good, refreshing title which features relationship concerns and choices, action and drama. I rate it a 3.5 (on a 1 to 5 scale). Videos of Catherine can be seen at GamePirates Forums Video Area, thanks to member Susan Lancaster. So take a look and share with us what you feel about this game!

Buccaneer Dan is a former famous Atari Pirate from back in the day. He is now an pro in the area of web services. He also critiques game software and is a expert beta tester. Find him at or


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