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Lalaloopsy Dolls New Online Games

John Wills

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Lalaloopsy dolls are great fun for young girls to play with, as they are incredibly cute little dolls, and each one has its own personality and story. But there's more ways to engage with the Lalaloopsy fantasy world than just by playing with the dolls. There's lots of online fun to be had in the Lalaloopsy online world that young girls are certain to love.

Young girls who love their Lalaloopsy dolls have some fun choices for engaging in the fantasy world of these adorable dolls online. On the Lalaloopsy home page - - there are interactive options for the imaginative minds of young girls to play with and engage their sense of wonder. These online games are wonderful, challenging online distractions that parents can feel good about allowing their young girls to access.

One game available is the Hide And Seek game, which is a fun Lalaloopsy themed find-it style game in which objects are hidden all over a scene of a Lalaloopsy doll's house. Children must find all the objects listed, which are hidden in various parts of the picture and need to be found and clicked on within a certain amount of time in order to complete the game. There are easy, medium, and difficult modes, and the picture itself moves in a 3D fashion as the mouse moves over it, so that objects in the foreground don't move as much as objects in the background. This means that there could be an object hidden behind something in the foreground that a child will have to move in a certain direction in order to see. It's great fun that should give young girls a sense of accomplishment when they find all the hidden objects.

The second option available is the ability to select a specific Lalaloopsy doll and virtually travel into Lalaloopsy land. You will need to install the Unity Web Player in order to accomplish this; this is a safe application that allows you to access the Lalaloopsy Virtual Environment from within yoru browser. Once your child loads up the Lalaloopsy world, she can travel around and see all the sights there are to see and have a lot of fun exploring the ins and outs of this fantastic virtual world.

The arrow keys are used to move the chosen Lalaloopsy doll around this environment, and the mouse can be used in order to zoom or move the camera around. The chosen Lalaloopsy doll starts outside of her own house, and can travel around to all the other houses occupied by the other dolls in Lalaloopsy land. At the moment, those are the places your child can go to in Lalaloopsy land, but there are indications that more improvements are to be added on, such as a sign close to Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff's house advertising: “PARK: Coming Soon".

Children can visit each doll's house and explore each one. When they approach the pet, they will be asked if they want to play a game. Each Lalaloopsy doll has a different fun mini game for young children to play that is themed to each character's personality. These are very fun ways for young girls to explore and enjoy themselves with cute little online games that will keep them busy and happy in a safe online environment.

Some games will be more challenging than others, and young girls are certain to find ones that they particularly enjoy playing. The online website for Lalaloopsy dolls can provide some very engaging ways to enjoy these popular dolls and the world that was created around them.

For more information on where you can find Lalaloopsy Dolls and access the Lalaloopsy online games, See our author’s box below. Our Lalaloopsy information is updated daily.

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