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FFXIV game manually cut and thrust


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The combat system is relatively dynamic and action-intensive. Automatic is standard attacks such as in Final Fantasy XI or other online role-playing it. Every stroke, every stitch, every shot must be executed manually using a personally customizable skill range, the weapon can be brandished before each fight. During the battles you can also move freely and try to go to certain attacks out of the way or to catch the enemy from behind or the side. Also targeted blocks, counterattacks and team combos are possible when making an occasional delays action no bar in the works. Every maneuver, however, consumes a certain store of endurance, which is to divide despite the ongoing regeneration wisely. Moreover, most actions of different lengths down times and some of which cost additional MP or TP - the latter is collected directly in the fight through their own actions and suffered goal.

Experience points are both in general and class-specific form. The former are the general development of character and his main attributes as enable the latter to deal with the currently equipped weapon or tool to the current train and gradually new skills. From the ominous experience brake for many games we have during our test phase, however not notice much, though we had played countless hours every day and are there for a long time focused on a job class. Prey is randomly distributed among the group members, and we also reject unwanted things via cache (booty), and so others who have more interest, which may send. The exciting Auswürfeln particularly coveted objects like in Final Fantasy XI is no longer possible.

Comfortable Travel

Pity is that, although five warriors, but are only two mage classes - especially fans of Beschw?rerklassen look entirely in the tube, and that a Final Fantasy. Practically, however, is that rapid change of location via teleportation, unlike Final Fantasy XI all classes are available. So one can always teleport to previously visited Aetheryte bring it even party members who have visited the destination is still not himself. Due to lack of destination activations splintered groups a thing of the past. Completely free of charge, the instantaneous change of location is not. So every Teleport consumed depending on the distance a certain amount of Anima, the first is sufficient, but only slowly regenerated and mobility definitely strong for very active players severely limits, so that here also we have the feeling towards casual players unnecessarily be discriminated.

In addition to the airwaves can travel in some places but also boat trips are made. Later it will probably also give opportunities by boat or air travel to Chocobo - the corresponding objects and bodies are in any case already exists. Currently it is also well advanced on foot. The game world is (still) quite compact and manageable to cope with marches from town to town quickly and safely. However, apart from the three urban areas (desert, forest and coast) and two areas (mountains and wasteland) that are probably only be of importance later. There seems to be even a fourth city, to which access is still denied, however. Even in cities, there are still locked areas that could affect future player housing or similar point. With respect to the previous one can be sure hold that the world continue to grow and ready in the wake of which new stories and challenges.

Nice is that on within the five main areas of all zones into one another and also when entering dungeons or towns, no abrupt change of location or load times are. Graphically, the very diverse and highly detailed scenes can be seen as well. Also, character design and animation are very good gelungen. Darüber, there are also atmospheric lighting and weather effects. The hardware is not without hunger, so players should see tension with less powerful computers, the graphics settings a smoothness to love down. In addition to various options for multi-sampling, Shadow Mapping, textures and blur filters are also possible in full screen or window mode to play.

Everything under control?

Acoustically, there are up to in my opinion much too scanty used speech not expose much. Dynamic melodies and ambient sounds, authentic-sounding effects and make some with sound samples provided emote animations an enjoyable and diverse tapestry of sound. Also doing well for both mouse and keyboard as well as a controller configured control of the hand. In contrast to the beta version can be activated even at last a hardware mouse cursor and the time taken to access menus have been accelerated. Overall play is Final Fantasy XIV comfortable indeed and pad, mouse and keyboard is, however, has a few handy shortcuts and benefits of navigation, and place the individual modules of the user interface is relatively free, and things such as chat and battle-Log also adjust in size and content can be. As usual, you can also save common actions and adjustments as macros, both via controller and mouse and keyboard trigger flash.

Angry is just that some text commands are still flawed and refused, despite a correct input - especially Alchemists and Blacksmiths can tell you a thing. Even otherwise, there are numerous bugs and inconsistencies, which I hope will soon be removed: In addition to crashes, loss of picture and lags disappear sometimes Quest windows or opponents, players remain permanently hanging objects, or not to go in actually passable doors. Also, camera operator and target acquisition may not always work as they should. Of interrupted connections as your own character even up to a quarter of an hour motionless around in the area, may die in the absence and prevents any attempts to log in so long again. Why me is inexplicable. from ffxiv gil website you can get more information.


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