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Insight into the world of FFXIV


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An article on 4Gamer provides an insight into the Gildenfreibriefe Final Fantasy XIV.

The Gildenfreibriefe will constitute a majority of the quests in the game. Adventurers can these tarot cards similar to the Atheryten that are present in each area of use to its charter to accept Gildenfreibrief beginnen. Jenachdem what kind of you, he may own, is in a party (Party for a small group of players) or be done with an entire raid. Usually you need for Gildenfreibriefe little time, so they can be made very fast times, without preparing first round on it must. In addition, we need to be troublemakers not to worry, because the opponents of the Gildenfreibriefs only by the owner of the charter are vulnerable and, of course, was his main objective Gefahrten. Das the first alpha test to get the log-in and stability problems of the servers under control . A problem with which every MMORPG has to struggle in the beginning. Once this hurdle was taken the next step is to obtain feedback on the Gildenfreibriefen, which represent a large part of the game.

We now take a view of the current procedure, from start to finish. Gildenfreibriefe are divided into two categories:

Once the battle would be the regional and Sammelerlasse and second, the adoption of manufacturing premises. Once adjusted to the appropriate NPC (Non Player Character) responds, you get a selection of the respective charters of the abilities are.

The information that you get to the selected license to say what has been an intervention, what reward at the end and waved at which atheryten they must be activated. Each adventurer will address sooner or later with the atheryten because they act as a starting point for the charters. Some are already available in the Alpha, but you have to start only from the camp is in Camp Bartelfels. In Bartelfels the atheryt, located next to the city Limsa Lominsa. He is about three minutes walk, heading north-northeast, away from the city. From a distance you can already see the big floating crystal.

Whether you have charters with you or not, on your HP and MP atheryten are always completely regenerated as soon as he speaks “, " free of course. Once you've visited a atheryten once you can get at any time by using the teleport menu option to teleport there. The camps, which house the atheryten will be developed with safety to the most popular focal points for groups and travelers seeking a reseller!

After activating the Gildenfreibriefs appears above links to a window that provides information about its own progress in the quest, and the remaining time limit, which seems to normally be 30 minutes.

On the small minimap (top right) are then displayed on bright flashing arrows and circles the locations of the targets. This makes the quest a little more comfortable, but unfortunately also a touch too simple. The marks are just for you and the companions visible.

Something better is because the very fact that the enemy (as in FFXI) are again “geclaimed" as soon as they are attacking. Speak other players can attack this mob is no longer, unless you yourself is defeated by him.

During the course of the quest information on the Quest are constantly updated, so you always have the exact overview of what remains to be done. Once you have achieved the objectives of the quest will see a warp point, with which you can return to the atheryten.

This is the ending of a Gildenfreibriefes with which you should have no trouble if you pay attention what the objective is and with one eye constantly monitors the minimap.

This kind of brings the quests FFXI veterans fresh air and provides an easier entry point for newcomers to the MMORPG, also the ffxiv gil is a nice choice.


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