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Altana AG's new job "dancing girls" I raised up to level 37


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MMORPG “Final Fantasy XI" (below, FFXI) fourth expansion data disk “Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess soldier", and this series will follow a unique perspective. In this third and is one of the new jobs that were implemented soldiers Wings of the Goddess “dancers" on appeal and the basic system, FFXI and will consider the impact of Jobubaransu. Niatari this writing, the dancers now, so I raised the limit to 37 Sapotojobu level, FFXI players please confirm that you see to the end.

"Dancer" is a set of jobs was a dancer who played the Crystal War. Creating special effects like magic by intense dance, inspiring and friendly, and can weaken or foe. So-called recovery / support / easy to understand what customers think of job skills and weakened system.

Special effects described above, which will cast a spell on the main (MP consumed) was done by. But the dancers, MP instead of TP (Takutikarupointo) to invoke a variety of special effects as a resource. Dancer preparations that are not healing, attacking the monster with weapons (TP earn), now you can. “But how do you take advantage of improved TP" element that had so far, FFXI has instilled a new appeal. Keeping in mind this point, whether you have the ability to specifically what kind of dancer I want to watch carefully.

The waltz and the samba inspire oneself and others Steps to weaken the enemy

We are treated to introduce Ekisutorajobu dancer, to get a clear need for a more level 30 quests. Among Ekisutorajobu, dancers are very technical jobs, some people may feel some degree of difficulty is high. However, the role of the dancer in Patipurei has been mainly four basic abilities, once you grasp that these mechanisms, it will not be working well with experts. Now, let's introduce the ability to turn a typical dancer.

Level 5 is the dancer will “Doreinsanba" that “dance" to learn abilities. With this step by step, as the name of the samba, aid effectiveness can be obtained yourself about two minutes. While damaging the monster, the abnormal condition occurred a few seconds each time you attack a monster in the abnormal state, HP absorb (drain effect) can.

The amount of HP that can absorb at one time, but I is 100% effective exercise of HP can be recovered quite stack. And everyone in a party member, by attacking the monster with weapons in the Great unusual because the state can absorb HP. I'm not an advocate of the Cure, the fighting vanguard character dancer with the HP, but will not gradually recovered.

When monsters attack from HP in terms of absorbing the dark knight two-hour ability “Buraddouepon" similar to that which is more convenient Doreinsanba far. Hitch, needed only 10 Doreinsanba TP cost, because almost always used. If more lower ranking opponent's monster, “the amount of damage under <HP absorption", the fighting continued almost nonstop. Jobs like this trick can will not keep the other dancers. After all, the ability of TP to use dance as a resource. Each ability costs by TP, but different, because we just attack even saved any case, it will be easier to operate than I thought.

Doreinsanba next to the level 15 “Kearuwarutsu" can be learned. Out that the fellow a waltz, but the name still effective. HP recovery amount is around 70, this is equivalent to two and Cure magic of the past, so necessary when using the TP 20 can be used quite easily.

Such a recovery effect, with great ability can be activated instead of casting spells. Ability is invoked as soon as you use “quiet" enormous benefits that can be used safely even in that state. On the other hand most affected by the recovery magic skills (The dance has no skill at all), even if you level up HP recovery amount is not much different.

Thus, while learning from Kearuwarutsu is comparable to a potential role as a healer Mage White Magic dancers are. The enemy is fighting, combined with Doreinsanba that it can also serve as a dancer Meinhira.
However, because not canned jobs and the introduction of the Mage White Magic dancers, please do not misunderstand this. And will actively use other dance ability and Ueponsukiru example, the use of a wide range of TP dancers. Depending on the situation as a member organization and Kyanpupointo, TP is able to change the method of operation, it is an interesting aspect of this job.

While using only those two abilities are handy and powerful jobs for dancers would get the impression that many people. However, the level becomes 20, “Quick Step" and “A. flourish" and start using, would not come to understand the depth of dancers gradually.

"Quick Step" is a monster that reduce the rate of avoidance of the target system's ability to acquire weaker dancer first. This effect was repeated up to five times, with effects depending on the strength of the monster see much change. The drawback is that the success rate is very high, well mechanisms of the battle - If put in the middle, it can be expected efficacy.

Each time the dancer steps to determine “Finisshingumubu" that continue to accumulate points. But also provides skills that are hanging out at the expense of type Finisshingumubu And first among them can learn, “A. flourish, " it.
A. Simply put a flourish, the warrior “provocation" has an effect similar to that ability. Increase was less hostile than the provocation, monsters and characters rear aiming for example, monsters lie awake in Sleep, my sort of thing can attract.

Most, where the pseudo-provocation Eta dancer, would receive from a monster attack on one hand is difficult. Defense dancers are less expensive because the success rate is affected by the accumulation of Finisshingumubu step and it somewhat unstable. Does what I do on earth can make effective use of A. flourish?Rashii A. The use of law, particularly within flourish is a combination of previous Doreinsanba. Even if damage has undertaken to distribute more avant-garde character, would be offset to some extent in Doreinsanba, he said. I'll explain more about this later.

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