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Five times the efficiency by automating some of the workflow in FFXIV


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Describes the workflow for creating an animation followed by Ichida said.

The first was introduced to the traditional workflow. Creating animation begins to create the list, after one and interference checking equipment, confirm in real, complete and without problems. There are total 11 steps so far, “manual" If you are in, make a day of staff motion one person, one limit. At this rate, the quota of 24,000 to do is become a huge need time with people. Ichida and colleagues reviewed the workflow we aimed at automating as much as possible.

The details are omitted, the automated, is part of mind-numbing work going short, have fed into the motion capture data to allow preliminary work on stage with each character motion it was.

As a result, five successful automation. Compared to the old workflow, can now be created at a rate five times, single emotion of motion × 5 species, which allow one person within a day. Then, illustrate the advantages and disadvantages associated with automation.

On the upside, the work efficiency of motion, as well as reduce human error, the more the advantage of easier administration and operation costs. But first the benefits of the motion parallel to the preparation, it was temporary to allow implementation. Can now also order additional flexibility from which planners. So it helped create a good environment to get people to cooperate with staff between sections separated by automating some tasks.

The disadvantage is narrowed to become a staff person in charge, but it was difficult to understand the entire process. The essence of animation is “to create out of nothing, " that, in this part of the skill impaired automation, says a major issue or how to compensate.

For this problem the company is needed to participate in the project - one that provided the training period of three months. S there, training is done as quickly as possible to create animations, they are likely to work while focusing on understanding the entire process.
In-house production environments. Tekunikaruatisuto key

This story changed significantly, FFXIV the internal structure of the staff involved in creating motion was introduced by Suzuki. Staff involved in creating motion can be divided into the following three groups.

Technology in the TA (Tekunikaruatisuto) Team:
FFXIV not limited to, use generic tools / plug-in offers

FFXIV program section in the project:
As has been described so far, FFXIV team in the section tool to create motion for each motion:
TA team will not cover FFXIV The point here seeking efficiency for specific tasks is the last “team tools", and Suzuki the importance of creating this group in a section of motion stress was. Because, FFXIV motion daily work, the Technology Development Department TA (Tekunikaruatisuto) difficult to deal with the team, say what (FFXIV in the project), time-line section of the program one by one by hand hanging would be too.

To flexibly cope with these problems, the motion to close the section, “reach the itch" It says staff need to be able to create tools. As a little change into the character design, and have begun to reflect changes to the data so far had a lot of motion. This would level the 3D dark one by working with tools that will be easy to imagine sorry. If there is a developer tool can also perform batch processing on all data. Tools introduced by the team, as well as automating workflow destination, and Suzuki said there were many benefits. Fewer careless mistakes by reducing the tedious repetitive tasks, the difference is uniform for each staff skills, particularly those that can be easily adapted for new staff.

In addition, significant benefits since it can respond flexibly to changing specifications. Originally a design change just after delivery is to avoid, FFXIV Because online gaming is done we update frequently. During such, may need to be absolutely specification change. Additional orders against such a degree as is likely to be supported. To automate the strict rules and naming conventions as files, a database of various information, which requires the cooperation of the entire first team. At first glance, might seem tedious, and once you decide exactly once format, Suzuki up and contribute significantly to the efficiency said. FFXIV does just by looking at the file name is a device that you know what motion capture data, and the administration have been thorough.

In particular TA, with regard to increase efficiency by using such tools is important because the thorough implementation of administrative rules, including to grant some rights should try to consider the introduction of aggressive, finish off the session and this or.

More detailed story inside the game overall, you can visit ffxiv gil website, for the outsider I was pretty esoteric speech. However, usually playing games, and knowing immediately that you have made in these efforts, it was also felt that the speech was meaningful, also the ffxiv gil is a nice choice.


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