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Retest FFXIV bench


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Anticipation of the release of September 30, 2010, Square Enix's new MMORPG “FINAL FANTASY XIV", below, FFXIV. Rarely seen in the PC version only big title, the PC version of the official benchmark software “FINAL FANTASY XIV OFFICIAL BENCHMARK", below, FFXIV bench, a high level of interest.

For such FFXIV 4Gamer bench, the test results of 13 benchmark hardware configuration “public celebration" after every mention of a release. However, since then half a month early. Meanwhile NVIDIA has, FFXIV bench and others that claim to optimize the “GeForce Driver 258.96", AMD also updated the latest version of its monthly “ATI Catalyst 10.7" and so on, has been releasing new versions of Graphics , the score could have caused the change. In addition, previous test results, FFXIV approved recommended GPU “GeForce GTX 460", below, GTX 460. so that does not include the recommended GPU readers anxious behavior show that you, or would be.

In this method, the target GPU graphics cards increased from 22 configurations were tested to try once again. Use the test, of course, FFXIV version available from the link is shown in the official site FFXIV bench.

All 22 species tested in the GPU. The mother also score by changing BIOS?

The test environment shown in the table. Articles in June 17, CPU to “Core i7-870/2.93GHz" was used this time “Core i7-975 Extreme Edition/3.33GHz" switch to with it, combined motherboard, ASUSTeK Computer made “Intel X58 Express" model with “Rampage III Extreme" has been changed.

Keep in mind here, Rampage III Extreme's BIOS is not the latest version of 0802, that is 0704. Initially, the test version, but started 0802, “ATI Radeon HD 5870" Getting test, when compared with the 0704 High version was observed for about 200 scores way down mode, this 0704 depend on the version used. Or a universal phenomenon that far apart, BIOS could change depending on the version of the score may be a bad idea to bear in mind.

Before running the test, you will refuse to advance the following points.

1. CPU of the “Intel Turbo Boost Technology" and “Intel Hyper-Threading Technology" is to enable
2. GTX 460 1GB graphics memory and 768MB versions are different versions of specifications, both GTX 460 [1GB] and GTX 460 [768GB] to distinguish between written as
3. MSI version GTX 1GB graphics memory card made of 460 “N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5/OC" ASUSTeK Computer-made and “GeForce GTX 285" card “ENGTX285 TOP/HTDP/1GD3" is made up products manufacturer level clock Because, MSI made customizable utility GPU “Afterburner", using the reference clock down to
4. We were prepared “GeForce 9600 GT" version of the card design and power-saving features will be “GF9600GT-E512HW/HD/GE" in order to lower clock speed than the reference to the substantial increase still Afterburner from the reference clock tested or even in the “9600 GT (reference)" to distinguish between written
5. Text, graphs with essentially, “GeForce" “ATI Radeon" GPU omit the name to represent

Getting the selected character tests, like Mikotte article on June 17. “Low" and “High" for both modes, each run twice, decided to adopt the higher figure as the score.
As a precaution, try to quote it as follows on the official site index score again, and would appreciate a reference.

* Over 8000: Very comfortable
And seems very comfortable to work. Please enjoy your favorite settings.
* 5500-7999: Very comfortable
Behavior can be expected very comfortable. If you set a higher quality rendering, seems to work very comfortably.
* 4500-5499: Comfort
Comfortable operation can be expected. Appears to have worked fine in high quality paint.
* 3000-4499: a little comfort
Standard behavior can be expected. Quality adjustment is recommended if there is a drawing room.
* 2500-2999: average
Standard behavior can be expected.
* 2000-2499: a little heavy
The game play is possible, because the workload is slow and we recommend that case be adjusted in Configuration.
* 1500-1999: heavy
The game play is possible, slow and generally feels. Even if adjustments in the config, so improvement is unlikely.
* Less than 1500: hard work
Does not meet the performance required for operation.

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