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Star Trek Online FAQ-Answers to the online role-playing game


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Time for the start of open beta testing of Star Trek Online on 12 January we clarify the ten most important questions about the online role-playing game from Cryptic, on 5 February appears.

One of Andy Velasquez can not emphasize enough: “Everyone is a captain, " the producer of Star Trek Online calls over and over again when we meet him at the Publisher Atari in Frankfurt. And what Velasquez mean? In particular, that in Star Trek Online, each player flies his own spaceship - no one needs shoveling coal in the engine room of a comrade. Respectively dilithium crystals.

To cross through the Star Trek galaxy, space battles and beat away team to beam with planets and space ships and stations in order to contest the ground battles. Also serve on your ship computer bridge officers, whose talents in the struggles play an important role. We played Star Trek Online has already been widely, both in our visit to Frankfurt and in the closed beta test. Highest sidereal time, that we answer ten important questions about the online hope.

Where and when does Star Trek Online?

Star Trek Online is set in 2409, ie 30 years after the last movie Nemesis. Since then, the galaxy has undergone profound change: The federation recently lead the war against the Klingon Empire and is also threatened by other powers, such as the Romulans, the Cardassians and the Borg revived.

The game world includes several sectors of the Star Trek galaxy, each containing several star systems. There, you usually do quests. If you like, but can also go out on your own to explore randomly generated systems and planets. This will bring valuable rewards.

From solar system to solar system traveling by controlling your ship through a 3D-card sector. Fights take place in this view, however, does not, but only in instances. Also, most star systems are instantiated, their group is there among them.

How to play the factions?

Star Trek Online brings two playable factions: the Federation and the Klingons. On the part of Starfleet loosen primarily quests and fight against computer-controlled enemies. In contrast, the Klingon turns all about PvP, so to battle against other players. Sun Members of the warrior nation fighting against both the Federation and each other. . . .

Therefore, the Klingons have almost no quests, apart from drawing-board functions à la “Destroy" 50 ships. On the part of the federation, you do however cover some successful job chains, entertaining, episodic storytelling, and both space-and ground fighting.

However, you have to work through as a Starfleet captain some monotonous tasks, such as patrol ("Defeat all enemies in the system XY"). Or detour to take free of the enemy planet, where you run around and just talk to NPCs or items click. Even if such peaceful missions rather reflect the classic Star Trek philosophy, they are compared to the monotonous combat operations.

How does the character system?

Federation and the Klingons are the bitterest enemy, however, have three things in common. Namely, the three character classes of Star Trek Online: tactical officer, engineer and science officer.
Tactical officers are the warriors of the Star Trek universe, they put to much damage. The strength of engineers is on the defensive, they take less damage and make things happy, some turrets. As a supporter of classical science officers dominate talents primarily to weaken the enemies or allies to strengthen.

In Star Trek Online is increasing its character to a total of five times in rank. Right after the (moderately entertaining), he is the tutorial Ensign promoted to lieutenant, then he works his way up to the high admiral. Each rank (except that of Ensign) is divided in turn into ten sub-levels, the levels of classic RPGs entsprechen. Klassische earn experience points you're not in Star Trek Online credits . Instead, get filled missions talent points. If you have enough of it, get on the level. In addition, you may distribute the counters free of the passive abilities of your heroes. For example, you increase his melee damage, the efficiency of its engineering and special talents also and sto credits . New passive abilities (and better classes of ships), you unlock at Rank promotions.


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