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Final Fantasy Xiv Opened The A Test


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MMORPG “FINAL FANTASY XIV" (PC version / PlayStation version less than 3, FFXIV) for PC finally launched a test version α. The latest work is numbered FF series, this work also appeared in the online-only game, too much to say in one of the biggest topics in the gaming industry in 2010 is not. FFXIV a glimpse of the ability of that day finally came to be generally confirmed the player directly.

α tester election process has already terminated, but can not now apply, β is seeking testers today. We start by testing, a lot of new people would be interested FFXIV. This time, we have been previously published in various forms of information FFXIV, immediately arranged to introduce a new light. If you are interested in the FF series and online games, FFXIV Take this opportunity to check out the latest trend.

The latest FF series numbering

"MMORPG" emerged as a!

FFXIV the June 2009 E3 was abruptly announced at the recent Square Enix MMORPG. Supported platforms are Windows PC and the PlayStation 3, FF as an online game series “Final Fantasy XI" (released in 2002. Here, FFXI) and followed by his second. The official launch will be the year 2010 currently, the business model has become a daily charge of 30 anniversary.

FFXIV Japanese, English, German, which is scheduled simultaneous service in the French-speaking four languages. This test can therefore α, Japan, North America and Europe in time for each core, and was conducted at each cycle of four hours. The three-day week schedule, will be held over the next few weeks.

The nominal test “α" As you can see from that is, the main purpose of this is first and foremost a review of the various gaming systems being developed / is fixed. Check ?Naubeku priority, so as to create characters and adventure areas, but they are still restricted in many Ingemukontentsu. Kyarameikingu UI and also, it will be changed from time to time (the tester website) has been announced. Future, 4Gamer including the media, FFXIV information but you should have seen the picture at that point want to be careful.

4Gamer way, but in the near future, “the first α test" in terms of actually played, it will post first impressions. Do not miss there.

Online gaming in general “test β", and has long been held in such implications and promotion rather, FFXIV α test is has been literally tested. Get ahead of yourself and the information is always fragmentary attention despite the work, for example, FFXIV gil for a new PC to Dari is crossed, it'll be fine from then on to a little more calmly.

Of course, FFXIV gil are based on information written test at the start of α we can, that might change after the game content development time will want to remember.



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