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Star Trek Online Crafting Guide - Crafting Guide To Reach The Highest Crafting Skill In Sto


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Finally, a MMORPG is here that is worthy of the Star Trek trademark. An exciting game is released through the gates of this epic world. If you are new to this game, STO is not a typical MMORPG, mainly because the game doesn't use “leveling" for character progression, but “skill-based". You can level entirely by PvP.

Given this fact, players are awarded skill points rather than experience. These points can be used to improve skills which become increasingly refined as you move up through the ranks in Star-fleet. You start as a Ensign and ‘rank’ your way up to Admiral. A bonus: at the end of the game you'll find your character is hyper-specialized! Super cool!

Picking the right Crafting guide

Mastering crafting skills is expensive and time consuming. A good Star Trek Online Crafting guide explores each crafting skill in-depth, detailing all the necessary steps to avoid costly mistakes made by most players. With a carefully selected shopping list of materials, you can have all resources ready in advance - one-shopping run and that's it. Make sure it has the step-by-step guide to follow as it tells you exactly what and how many items to make at which point.

A good guide will also break down and walk you through the process of leveling the skill up. Face it, knowing the right technique is key and it will prevent you from wasting valuable time learning the “how-to's", then doing everything wrong and likely having to start all over again. Why take this chance when there are so many guide options at our fingertips? That makes little sense.

Another tip in choosing a good guide: you can normally tell by the Table of Contents and the format of the guide, whether it is a sound guide or simply a waste of time and money. Share opinions with long-time gamers who will no doubt tell you to get a copy if you want to get into the excitement of the game right away and fast. Inside tip! Don't forget to grab one of the STO guides published right around launch times which are usually on target with the game's arrival date.

Player Progression is at the heart of every MMORG, and is often what we players wonder about the most. What makes or breaks a game is how entertaining and interesting we find this road to the top. What better way to achieve this than to obtain your own Star Trek Online Crafting Guide which will show you how to level quickly and master PvP!

Since each player will be one of the five ranks, there's variety in both the skills a character chooses, as well as a character's selected career path. The known STO career paths are Engineer, Doctor, Tactical Officer and Science Officer. A character's chosen career path alters which skills are available to them at each level. You will need to know what skills each character has.

This is where a Star Trek Online Crafting Guide is important.

It will answer many questions that you may have. By the way, separate guides are available for each of the three branches (tactical, engineering, and science). This is vital, because remember, each type of officer offers its own unique abilities.

Using A Step By Step Star Trek Online Crafting Guide

Leave out the work of figuring what to do and let the Star Trek Online Crafting Guide direct you level-by-level, recipe-by-recipe until you hit the skill cap, especially if you are in a hurry and want to level your skill. With a guide at your disposal, you can take, grab and speed level through the crafting ladder as it shows you the best route to advance your trade skill in the first place.

Stick to using a must-have Star Trek Online Crafting Guide. It's a one-stop service to everything you ever need to know and will help you fully master the game and get the most enjoyment out of it!

So, do you want to fully master and skill up your crafting in Star Trek Online? Today? Right now? Visit: STO Crafting Guide

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star trek online crafting guide

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