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How To Fix Xbox 360 Red Light Problems

Craig Wilson

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You know how it goes, you sit down, all geared up to play your favorite game, put the disc in and turn the power on and up comes the dreaded red light ring. Perhaps you are part of the way through annihilating the enemy of killer aliens and the game freezes and once again you are faced with the dreaded red light ring. Frustrating to say the least but contrary to popular belief there are reliable ways to fix this issue.

There are a few different issues that will set the red lights off and the number of red lights dictates what problem you have. The best situation you can hope for is having all four lights in the ring turn red. This usually indicates that the AV connection at the rear of the unit is disconnected or loose and is usually fixed by either pushing the connection in all the way or disconnecting the cable, re-inserting it and restarting the unit.

Having one red light show up usually means a hardware failure, as does three of the sectors lighting up red. This could be due to a number of issues and with any luck it may just be due to over heating of the unit. This can happen when spending a few hours playing your games and if you suspect this might be the problem turn the unit off and make sure that the side and rear air vents are clear of any obstructions and let the unit sit and cool down for a while. After half an hour or so power up the unit and see if the lights have turned a magical green again. If the red lights persist it will be necessary to look further into the problem.

There is talk that the solder used in these machines has a tendency to become brittle when exposed to the heat that these things produce and over time the solder develops hairline cracks. Once these cracks appear the join is no longer able to conduct the way it is meant to and problems occur. One way that people were fixing this was to wrap the unit in a towel or two and with the power switched on leave the unit for a while to heat up and soften the solder in the hope that the joins become one again. In my opinion concentrating the heat inside the unit has the potential to cause further issues and this fix is only temporary and many people have reported that this method has not worked at all for their machine.

So rather than listening to the advice of people who think they have the answer, and good on them for trying to solve the issue, try looking for qualified information that has been proven time and time again as a reliable fix for most problems that these systems suffer from. At any rate there is no need to give up the machine for dead and assume that repairs will cost an arm and a leg, this simply is not the case when you know where to get the right information.

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