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How To Download PSP Games The Safe And Easy Way


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One of the first emails we get from people who have just purchased a PSP is where they can go to download PSP games. Using PSP downloads is one of the best features of this best-selling system, so let's take a look at your options for finding downloads that you can use instantly.

You have three main options. Some are better than others, but take a look at each to see which one you want to try.

Option #1 - Download PSP Games

Many people will open up google and type in “free psp downloads" hoping to find games and movies that they can use. There are a number of different sites that advertise having “free" downloads, however this can often cause you more trouble than it's worth.

These website are famous for having incredibly slow download speeds and “corrupt" files (meaning the download doesn't work at all). It's incredibly annoying waiting an entire day for a download to finish only to find out it doesn't even work. Over half of the files end up not working or being a completely different game than you thought you were downloading.

There have been a number of these websites that have recently been shut down for distributing viruses, spyware and other infections. Other have been removed for distributing illegal downloads.

Option #2 - Download PSP Games

This option will get you downloads that actually work, but it will cost a few bucks.

There are websites that you can join that offer PSP downloads (games, movies, music etc). They will charge you a monthly fee and possibly a fee for each download you use. The monthly fees are usually around $30, so it can be worth it since you will often pay more than that for just one game.

It's a better option than the first if you have the money, however the next option is a lot cheaper and will let you download any game you want, whenever you want.

Option #3 - Download PSP Games

This last option is a lot less expensive than option #2 and will give you access to any game or movie you want.

You can find PSP membership websites that offer unlimited downloads for a one-time only fee. You will only be billed once and can then download as many games or movies as you want for as long as you have your PSP.

These websites aren't expensive ($35-$50) and feature daily updates of new releases. It can save you a lot of money in the longrun since you can download games whenever you need to instead of buying them at the store. I'm always surprised more people don't know use this option.

Since the businesses that run these website pay good money to have access to these files, the downloads are fast, secure, legal and 100% free of viruses or spyware. You also get the software you need to transfer files to your PSP at no extra cost.

You can try a risk-free trial of a couple of the top-ranked websites at . Once you start to download psp games it's unlikely you will pay full price for a game again.

The PSP continues to grow in popularity and has quickly become the best-selling portable gaming system. The ability to download PSP games whenever you want to is part of the reason this system has done so well. Using PSP downloads opens a brand new world for your PSP. Try it - you'll be hooked!

Want to find the newest downloads and download PSP games ?

Click Here to find out how to start a free trial to the best PSP download websites.


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