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Free PSP Game Downloads


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The PSP has quickly become the best selling portable gaming system and for good reason. It has tons of features including being able to find free PSP game downloads. It can get expensive buying new games all the time so it's nice to use free PSP games when you can.

As you start your hunt for free PSP game downloads, you are going to run into three different options. Let's take a look at each one to get an idea of which one will works best for you.

Free PSP game downloads - Option #1

It's easy to head over to Google and punch in “free PSP game downloads", however you won't find many quality websites by doing this. This might sound good at first, but you need to pay special attention before you click that “download now" button.

These websites are famous for being full of spyware and viruses. All of a sudden those “free PSP game downloads" end up being pretty costly if they damage your computer!

The biggest complaint people have when they use free PSP game downloads from these websites is that the downloads take forever and often the files end up being corrupted (meaning they won't work at all). It's a big headache waiting days for something to download only to find out it doesn't even work.

This option isn't great - you put your computer at risk, waste your time a lot of the times and you won't find the newest games.

Free PSP game downloads - Option #2

To be honest, this option isn't actually free - although the websites would sure like you to think they are!

There are websites that advertise having “free PSP game downloads", but when you actually go to start downloading, you will be asked to whip out your wallet and pay a fee.

These websites will charge you a monthly fee and sometimes a fee for each download. They advertise having free PSP downloads simply because you aren't paying for the game itself, but you are billed for the monthly membership or the download fee.

Free PSP game downloads - Option #3

As the saying goes, we saved the best for last! Your best is the third of the three options.

There are specialized websites sites where you can download PSP games, movies and more at fast speeds and without having to worry about viruses or spyware.

These free PSP game downloads websites are run by professional companies that pay good money to be able to offer all of the newest games and files for download. The differences in quality are crystal clear when comparing them to the other options.

Is there a catch?

Sort of, but it's well worth it. These websites will charge you a small one-time only membership fee for unlimited free PSP game downloads.

With your membership you can login whenever you want and browse through a huge selection of PSP games (including new releases). You will only ever be charged once for a lifetime membership that gives you full access to free PSP game downloads.

Not only are there loads of different games to choose from, but you can also get movies, music and software for your system. Movies are extremely expensive in the stores so it's nice to know you can download one for free whenever you want.

Options #3 is obviously the best choice. You pay only once and will always have a PSP stocked with the newest games. It's your best option for free PSP game downloads. You membership will come with any software you might need to transfer the files onto your PSP so you won't have to buy any additional items. Happy gaming!

It's now easy to find the newest PSP game downloads online.

Click Here to find out how to start a free trial to the best PSP download websites.


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Free PSP Game Downloads Sites - Are They Really Free?
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