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Warcraft Gold Guides - 5 Strategies To Make Gold


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There are many ways to get gold in World of Warcraft other than mining. One of the easiest ways to do it is through farming. All you need to know is the right spots, and I am going to show you some great methods - so read on. . .

1. Check out the Azshara - this is one of the favorite gold farming spots for everyone because there are so many ways to farm here with extreme ease. Grind the Legashi Demons in this area who will immediately drop greens, blues and even epics for you. Check out the North and get on with the Massive Timbermaws. You can also kill the Blood Elves who will drop Runecloth when they die and this will always be in high demand.

2. The Defias Trappers outpost - you will find this on the Western shore and whether you are a low level player or high level one you will have plenty to fill your bags with because the Defias Trappers have a high drop rate of linen cloth - about thirty-five percent which will give you plenty of leverage.

3. Make gold from Stratholme - this is a strategy which has to be played in a group. World of Warcraft gold mining can be very interesting in this instance. It would take a good group of players about half an hour to get through it and you will be making a lot of gold in the process from disenchanted items. You need a high level of skill here, but if your communication among the group is great, you would be able to do very well.

4. The Crystalvein Mine - when you are looking for mining spots, this is one of the great spots to know. You will be able to reach this when you go through the Gurubashi Arena; when you reach the Cystalvein Cave you would be encounter the Ironjaw Basiliks who would drop many trash items. You can use these items in exchange for great amount of gold. Once you kill the Iron Basiliks you can grind their bodies into leather for more use.

5. Mossflayer Zombies are excellent targets to kill and in the process you will get a lot of runecloth and silver for your gold pot. You will them in the Undercroft in the Eastern Plagueland where the Plaguebats live. Kill Plaguebats here and skin them to exchange these for gold.

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Dave Latimer runs world of warcraft gold farming guide . He is the author of this article and has played World of Warcraft since it was first released in November 2004, and has made thousands of gold in WoW. Visit his website now for some of the best free information on gold mining you'll ever find.


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