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Wow Gold Tips - A Newbie's Guide To Making Quick And Easy Gold


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World of Warcraft gold farming is a multi-million dollar business, and it's not surprising seeing as how so many people (especially new players) have trouble making any gold at all. If you are just starting, here are a few tips to get you started making gold.

#1: The auction house should be your second home. . . use it!

To make gold in WoW, using the auction house is a must. The auction house is where you can buy and sell items to other players in return for gold. When you start collecting items, you can sell them at the auction house, and make gold from them.

The two mods you should definitely get if you want to profit off the auction house are Auctioneer and BottomScanner, both of which are available free online. You can do a Google search if you want to get those mods.

#2: Use your professions as often as possible

When it comes to making a lot of gold, the best professions to go for are herbalism, skinning and mining. Overall, mining is the best (and most common) one to go for.

#3: Make use of the trade channel

Compared to the auction house, the trade channel is seriously neglected. You can often find some great deals at the trade channel and you can use them to make some pretty easy gold. You can do this by buying items that are selling for low prices, and then resell them at a higher price. You can of course also do this at the auction house.

#4: Have a couple of characters

As you advance in levels and kill more and more monsters, you'll start to approach your inventory limit. By having a couple of characters, you can store your extra items by transferring them between your two characters. When you make a second character, just remember to put it in a capital city so you have action to the auction house.

#5: Buy gold and power leveling services

This is a whole new topic, but if you don't want to spend countless hours leveling up your character yourself, I would recommend you just buy gold. You can buy around 1000 gold for $20-50 (depending on the server), and there are power leveling services where people will level up your character for you for only $4-5/hour. It is your choice whether you want to support this kind of thing

#6: Invest in a strategy guide

Probably the best option is investing in a good strategy guide. This will give you the insider secrets to making lots of gold that you won't find in free articles.

Want a list of the best WoW strategy guides and gold sellers on the planet?

Get it at WoW Gold Tips .

Dave Latimer runs WoW Gold Secrets . He has played World of Warcraft since it was first released in November 2004.


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