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World of Warcraft Powerleveling Made Easy


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For the players of the World of Warcraft power leveling has become very popular. It may be quite boring to play the lower levels of the game, mainly in case of more experienced players. Hence, most of the players try to get their characters past these levels as soon as they can. On the basis of your character, power level is of different types. This guide on how to power level can only provide you with the basics, which are valuable for any player in the World of Warcraft.


Those who are looking for the power level, installing and downloading add-ons may become one of the greatest assets. The third party programs are called the add-ons; they do not violate the terms of service but the player’s life becomes easier by them. Many possible add-ons are there but Cosmos is a top favorite; it is a module that has and/or controls many add-ons.

* Time Wasters and Savers

Auction House – For anyone who is trying to power level, the Auction House may be a huge time waster. By utilizing an alternative character for handling the Auction House transactions you may save your time. The alternate character may buy the required items and can also sell the items for your chief character.

* Professions – Even though the World of Warcraft could be more exciting for those who choose a profession and get trained, it is a wastage of time if they are want to level the power.

* Supplies – When you go on any quests, make sure to carry ammunition, food, and water. What’s more, you should also ensure that your equipment is in shape and repaired. In this way you don’t have to come back to the town to replenish.

* Auto Looting – You must turn Auto Looting on. This retrieves all items from the corpses automatically, saving you the time to do it for yourself.


Grinding is referred to as finding zones with crowds who are killed easily but reproduce even quicker than the killing rate, and going ahead to kill maximum possible crowd groups. A lot of players prefer this technique to achieve power leveling.

A player receives xp or experience points after completing and handing over a quest. So if you can complete a quest, you can get more xp than you do by simply killing. Hence, you can level up quickly by completing quests that have grinding.

Moreover, quests are more entertaining in the long term than the non-ending killing that is required in grinding. It is even better to choose multiple quests in the same zone and complete them simultaneously. This will help you to level up even more quickly.

Power level is possible in World of Warcraft through quests and also through grinding. It would be even easier and faster for you to level up if you can avoid the time wasters and instead utilize time savers and add-ons. Hope this handy guide on the ways of achieving power level in the World of Warcraft will be of some help to you. Enjoy the game!!!!

Lloyd Burns has been playing World of Warcraft for over 2 years now and is the master at this game.

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