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PSP Emulator And Game - Your Quick Guide


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PSP emulator and game are some of the best things you can do with your PSP. The PSP is a great gaming system, and one things that make it so cool is the fact that it’s pretty easy to download and use emulators and games with it. What could be better than playing Double Dragon and Castlevania on your PSP?

It’s not as simple to use PSP emulator and game as you first think. I thought it would be a case of putting the games on the memory stick and launching them, but it’s not. Before you do anything you will need some kind of emulator software. This will tell your PSP how to behave like another system so you can use the games from the other system. There are thousands and thousands of places to obtain software like this, but sadly many of the websites are a little dubious, and may well give you some kind of virus or give you something that may damage your PSP. There are some reputable places that can be trusted though, and you’ll find more on them a little further down.

If you manage to get a PSP emulator and game in one place, well done-in most cases you will need to get them from separate sites. The game files for an emulator are called a rom, and there are many ROM sites online. The main problem with downloading PSP emulator and game is a legal one-mane old games are still copyrighted, meaning that if you download it without paying you can get in a whole lot of trouble. Some manufacturers though have made it legal for you to download their emulators and games by putting them into the public domain. An excellent loophole with this is that if you already own a legal copy of the game, you are allowed to have backups-so if there is an old SNES game you still own but would like to play on PSP, you could be okay!

As a quick note, when using PSP emulator and game, you will find that some firmwares do not allow you to use emulators. It’s possible to downgrade your PSP firmware, and generally speaking you are best off with an earlier one.

As I mentioned earlier, the hardest thing about PSP emulator and game is that finding reliable sources can be a struggle. Generally you can lump the sites into one of 3 groups-

Free Sites-These sites are free for a reason-noone would pay for their services! Expect poor choice of games and emulators, broken software, spyware, slow downloads and downloads that aren’t what they claimed. Good luck if you go with these guys!

Scam Membership sites-These sites claim to be free but then try and charge you cash for each download. I avoid these because I’m not too keen on paying again for a game I had on Genesis in 1992.

Genuine Membership sites- These guys are generally the best place to go for PSP emulator and game. There IS a charge-but it’s usually pretty small, and not only will it give you access to all the great condition emulator stuff you ever wanted, in most cases you will get to download as many free PSP games as you want also. I go with sites like this for my emulator stuff, and I would recommend them. The world of PSP emulator and game is not as simple as it first seems, so these pointers should see you through!

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