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World of Warcraft Talent Trees


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Online games are filled to the brim with opportunities to fully customize and make unique your personal character. With hundreds of features and options, there is an almost limitless combination of character possibilities out there. One of the most interesting and therefore unique aspects of customization then is that of Talent and Skill Points. Based on your leveling, these points are limited and because there are so many different skills to choose from, it’s impossible to get all of the skills.

The skill tree initially becomes active at level 10, when you’re given 1 point for every level you gain. These points can be applied to any of a number of skills on the tree. There are three different trees available to every character class, all of them different from the other classes. Ultimately, there are a few dozen different possible skill trees, depending on which class you choose.

Every skill on the tree has a prerequisite to it though. You must first acquire the skill preceding any one given skill before you can move on to the next one. To even activate the second level of the skill tree, you must use five skill points on a skill from the first level of the tree. It requires a great deal of strategy and planning to figure out what the best method is for developing your skills and talents from the ground up. The only way to unlearn a talent is to visit a trainer and pay to completely unlearn all of your talents.

At the very end of each skill tree is one Ultimate Talent. Unfortunately, it takes a full 31 points to reach any one of these skills. What this means is that you cannot have more than one Ultimate Talent as the sum total of points you’ll receive throughout the game is 61 and you would need 62. Furthermore, you need to devote all of those points to a particular tree to guarantee you eventually reach the end of the tree.

Your options are varied in this regard though. First off, you can put all of your points directly into a single skill tree right away. This will ensure that you unlock an ultimate talent right away. Or, you can mix up your skills and learn a bit from each tree. However, if you choose the second option, you will never be able to full master any single tree. Instead, you will be left with a middle grade of all of the remaining talents. You are given the ultimate choice though and it does not effect the overall game or your ability to compete and level up, just your ultimate skill levels.

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