Everquest 2 - How the Human Dynamics are Revealed


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As a psychology / sociology major I am an avid people watcher. I like learning what exactly makes people tick. And I have found the best place to people watch is in the online gaming community. I play a game called Everquest 2 with thousands of other players I have ample opportunity to watch people. With the invention of voice chat programs this game is transformed into a reality of its own. The dynamics of a gaming community is quite similar to the social system in real life. There is even politics in Everquest 2. I first imagined Everquest 2 is a great escape from the real world but everquest 2 is a very unique world of its own.

Currently there are three main reasons why people play Everquest 2. The first would be entertainment. After a long day its nice to sit down with a glass of ice tea and dissapear off into a world full of risk and adventure.

The second reason why people play is the social aspect which is much enhanced by voice chat programs such as ventrilo and team speak. I find it very interesting to look at how people interact with each other and even though it is a game one can learn numerous insights into why a person may behave in a paticular manner.

The third reason people play is for the opportunity to make real life currency. As hard as it is to imagine people will go to internet websites and buy currency for their character and as long as their is demand there is no shortage of people who will sell it. Of course many people play for all three of these reasons.

Everquest 2 players often join a family like structure called a guild. These guilds practice teamwork to get missions accomplished and the idea that it is a in game family. Like our normal families they have allot of the same dynamics such as fighting, compromising and yes even the occasional close connection made with another player.

With above mentioned in mind I have had an endless supply of study subjects for my research papers. I advise anyone who really enjoys learning about human interaction to play Everquest 2. It is easy and you learn so many things and its fun.

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