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Tips for Making Gold in World of Warcraft for Newbies


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You are just getting started in World of Warcraft and may have noticed that the beginning levels are already highly devoted to making gold. However, it will become almost the sole purpose of the game later on to build up your gold reserves to purchase the necessary items, armor, weapons, and even mounts you’ll want eventually. There are a lot of tips for making easy gold in game, but here are some of the best ones around.


Your profession is vital to how much gold you will eventually make. To maximize money making capability, you’ll want to go with one of the gathering professions right away. These include Skinning, Mining and Herbalism. If you take the necessary time with these, you can make vast amounts of gold early. Skinning is the least profitable of the three but can be done while leveling to save valuable time. The other major professions will all drain your income. You lose vast sums of money buying the necessary items to properly utilize your new found skills in any of these.

Don’t Leave Anything

You’ll come across a lot of different items while questing or leveling in World of Warcraft. Don’t leave anything behind. This means finding and upgrading your bags as quickly as possible to carry as many items as possible. If you fill up your inventory, sell your items and start again. Certain found items are worth more to vendors and others in the auction house. Always check both to ensure you maximize how much you make. All white items, for example, are worth more in the auction houses.

The Right Quests

Certain quests are well worth your time to make some extra gold, so long as you choose the right reward. Often an NPC will offer you multiple reward choices for an item. If they do so, you should choose the item that will be worth more gold. This is almost always the weapon, and above other weapons, the two handed weapons. While you might assume that quest rewards would be similarly valued, but they are often much different, with substantial value placed on certain items over others.


Once you know where you can find certain items in certain areas of the world, you can begin returning to those profitable areas for more great finds. If you have found that you kill Primal Fire better than Primal Air, hunt Primal Airs. These are hot items right now and can truly boost your income level and your proficiency in the game.

Similar to leveling, you can use your knowledge of the terrain to find the best ore and herbs throughout the world with your professions. Keep track of the valuable spots and be willing to return there as much as you need to make good gold.

Gold is the Key

To be successful in the game you must have gold. Follow the above tips and spend the necessary time on making gold and you should be able to better enjoy the many aspects of the game.

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