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GVO Conference software and file sharing


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File sharing with online video conference software. Sharing files with all attendees holds huge potential.

What is File Sharing. All online conference providers have a range of packages to suit any needs, I really recommend using one which offers tools and functions which include the File sharing feature. Other great tools to look out for are, white board sharing, video sharing, file sharing, PowerPoint sharing, browser sharing, full way video, full way multiple chat, record function, and more.

Regular offline conferences take place all the time. Although online video conferencing is starting to steal the stage, there is always a call for close human interaction. However, the tools and functions now available with online video conferencing are making the need for close human interaction, less and less. The tools and functions in conference software combined can replicate that of an offline meeting if used correctly.

File sharing with conferencing software gives you the ability to share any files, documents, pictures, videos, and more with all attendees. Im sure you may have at some point been part of an offline conference or small meeting. At these meetings you would have been given something to go home or back to the office with. Something like a flyer, document, or even a file. This is an important action of a meeting. This is why this function was developed. Online file sharing from a conference room replicates this. Its as simple as having a file on your system, for example, a follow up news letter of the conference. When the conference is drawing to an end you can simple drop the file into the file sharing draw in your conference room. All attendees can then access the draw from their interface and remove the file. Its very simple and very effective. At the click of a button you can share one document with hundreds. Attendees would simply save it to their system.

You can share as much as you like and in many different formats. You can even share PowerPoint presentations, images and videos. The File sharing function is by far one of the more important tools you get with online video conference software. To replicate that of an offline meeting we need to be able to carry out similar actions and file sharing does this nicely. You can use the file sharing feature throughout the conference and give the attendees files which are part of each conference module. This increases interaction and holds the level of interest which can be lost online.

This feature is one of the most cost effective features you will get with online conferencing. Costs are cut in many ways. First of all you don’t need to print files or documents. All attendees will receive it in digital format. If they choose to print then that is their cost. Also, If you are not printing it then you are not sending it in the post, this is another cut in costs. Even if you would normally fax, then you will not need to now. As you can see, all attendees receive your documents in its original digital format simply by dropping it into the file sharing drawer.

I used GVO Conference in this example. Look at the tools and functions on offer, visit my site here Conference Software


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File Sharing | The Biggest Innovation Since You Send It
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