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Dangers of P2P File Sharing Software Programs Like Limewire Ares and Kazaa


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I strongly encourage you to NOT use P2P programs for downloading music, videos, pictures, movies, tv shows, software, games, *** , amateur videos, and anything else that is available. When downloading from this unlimited source you will also end up downloading Viruses, Worms and Trojans. Anyone that logs onto the p2p network and has a virus on their computer is then transferred to everyone else on the network! The RIAA (the people cracking down on illegal downloading) have even stated that they have thought about malware on these P2P networks to discourage their use.

Once you install a P2P program it is ALWAYS running on your PC, slowing it down to a crawl. Everyone is now downloading from you PC therefore your own internet speed is slower overall. Even if you think you are not sharing your files, YOU ARE! These P2P programs can usually be found in numerous places on your hard drive working away sending your personal files to people all over the world. Most P2P mp3 downloading software contains spyware that allows them to monitor your computer usage as well as other network users to see what they are doing. They do this so they can SPAM you with offers and other spyware programs. STAY AWAY FROM THESE OFFERS. They usually just harm your computer.

Once you install a P2P program it can usually be very hard to remove. They do this so you can never stop the program from sending out your personal files. In most cases your entire hard drive will have to be wiped before you can fix the problem. If you have these installed, over time, your computer will eventually come to a crawl and crash constantly. This does not mean your computer is broken, you just need to FORMAT your hard drive.

Downloading P2P software is very dangerous for you and your computer. I strongly encourage you to read my Secret Download Book to learn the real way to download without the fear of downloading a virus, SPAM or spyware.

If you have become a victim of P2P program malware and spyware, please read my book, you will never become a victim again.


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