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The Importance of Data & File Backup

Connie Lam

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Why Do You Need Data Backups?

The first defense line to prevent data loss is data backup. Backup is like exercise, it’s important but often been overlooked. It has not been paid enough attention by the network administrator in some big enterprises. For example, once you updated or added content to your website with data & file backup, even you deleted useful news or important contents mistakenly, you could use system backup and restore method to recover it to achieve the security and reliability of the data. Or if the original data of enterprise website is lost or damaged, you can use backup software to realize data recovery so that the system works continuously. From those examples, we could see the importance of backups. Database backup and recovery should be listed to indispensable system work to avoid huge loss.

Select the Appropriate Method of Data Backup

Backup is a strategy to make sure data security, which is an exact the copy of original data depending on the backup object. Enterprise backup can be divided into two parts generally, that are file backup and database backup. File backup usually includes documents, texts, spreadsheets, pictures, audio and video files and so on. The object of database backup are database library file, database logs, etc. How to choose the appropriate backup software is not an easy job. Regardless in which kinds of software, there are three basic forms. They are full/standard backup, incremental backup and differential backup. In general, the size of the data and the frequency of modifying data determine to database backup mode.

1. Full / standard data backup

Full backup refers to creating a backup of all the valid data, whether it is new added or exists for a long time. It includes system files, application files, user files, etc. The full data backup is a way to make data been protected well, but it’s very time-consuming. It’s faster and easier to restore data from other backup forms, because all data has been backed up with one or more disks.

However, full backup is less popular in enterprises. The main reason is time-consuming for most full backup should be finished in non-commercial time. But enterprise’s data is too large to complete full backup within a short time. One solution is to use multiple disk drive to back up the specified files on server hard disk. While the large data backup should be complete within a limited short time, the incremental backup and differential backup can solve the issue perfectly.

2. Incremental backup and differential backup

Incremental backup and differential backup are very similar. The difference between is that, after finishing an incremental backup, the file’s archive will be reset, that is to say, as long as the files haven’t been modified since the last incremental backup, it won’t be archived. Although the differential backup only backs up the changed data based on full backup, it can help to improve backup efficiency and reduce storage disk space required by the image file.

Since incremental backup and differential backup only back up new changed files and data, it saves time and speeds up the backup process. So many enterprises are using incremental and differential backups based on full backup weekly. In combination with those three backup methods, it ensures your data security without data loss.

A backup is something you must do and also, make sure that your backup files are valid!


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Online Data Backup Are The Next Generation Of Backup Technology
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