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Preventing Any Email Loss or Security Hassle in MSN

Prashant Mishra

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MSN password reset means that you have to save a new password for your account in MSN but without really having the requirement of logging in. Well, obviously, no user would want to bother with the whole façade when he/she can just login and change the passwords in 2 simple steps so this means that MSN reset process of password is useful when you have lost the account. The MSN password reset protocol can used in case of having forgotten the password or even when it has been hacked by a security breaching unsub.

Here are the easy steps that you have to follow if you want to get your password to reset:

  • Open the MSN official help website (for technical support) and click on the link for reset-forgot password
  • If that doesn't work, open sign in page for MSN account, choose forgot password option
  • In order to help the MSN protocol identify which account do you want to use the MSN password reset help and protocol for, give your full MSN email id details
  • After the detail for email id has been accepted, MSN will ask you about how would you like to verify because verification is the final and important option and without verification, the account will not be handed over to you
  • Then you will have to verify via the options of verification code (receive on phone-Email and confirm it with MSN on protocol) or answer your secret question

When you verify positively, MSN checks whether the verification code-secret answer is confirmed and if it is, then you will be offered the option for making the reset of password.

Then, you will be allowed to access your MSN account with the new password.

Msn email support also makes certain instructions and measures available to the users through which they can keep their account security in check. These measures are

  • Selecting a password that is not too complicated for you to remember and not too easy for the hacker to crack. Msn email support security experts suggest that the user should steer clear of any passwords that are based on personal information such family names, vehicle model, address etc.
  • Checking the login History from time to time also allows user to scrutinize any unusual activity or login from an unknown IP address into eh account and helps in catching any hacking activity before the user loses access.
  • Activating the 2 Step Verification for the MSN account prevents hacking altogether unless the hacker is using a confirmed device or the computer that you always use to login.
  • Updating the security information tab in your account also wards off hackers because then it becomes very easy for the user to keep their account safe as they can always easily recover it. Security settings that should be used in account as per MSN Email support instructions are a registered phone number and a non-shared primary recovery Email address.
  • it will better to contact with MSN Password Reset Phone Number .

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