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Get Gmail Service for Easy Troubleshooting Without Any Delays

Prashant Mishra

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Using Gmail is a daily thing for many. After all, it serves as the right, fast and user friendly portal for sending and receiving messages. Gmail has ignited innovation in the Email communication era for sure and with its amazing features that just keep getting better and better, it can be easily said that it’s just the best. But of course, with such a rapport and huge user base, Gmail has its own share of responsibilities that includes taking good care of its users and ensuring that nothing interrupts their service. With Gmail Tech support, it has managed to do exactly that! With the support service that it provides, it has made it easy for the users to get solutions on several issues that erstwhile led to a lot of trouble.

More often than not, there are complaints of certain selected issues that are repeatedly received from users. Gmail password recovery, spam issues etc are few of such complaints. Password security and management is not a tough task given that you change it every 3 months to prevent any hacking activity. To keep the password problem at low, the Gmail tech support advises users to

  1. Never use their phone number/address, children’s name/spouse’s name/vehicle number/best friend/favorites as their password because it is highly predictable and makes hacking in to the account easy for the hacker
  2. Never forget to put your authentication questions and questions should be such that only the user knows the answer because these security questions help in preventing any non-user from hacking into the account even if you’ve lost the password and also make the Gmail password recovery process easy
  3. Authenticate your location (IP number) where you access you access your Gmail account from and don’t ignore the warnings that your account/security systems gives you if your account has been accessed from another location

Other than these usual tips, it’s also suggested that if it is an individual account then don’t share your password information and always log out before you leave the system/laptop because if you don’t sign out of the account, the previous login information can be retrieval by a hacker. Excess security measures should be taken if a Gmail account is accessed from a public place such as a cyber café as they increase the spam activity and may even lead to account hacking. However, if you have already lost your password (forgotten it or due to another reason), there are distinct protocols that you can utilize to fix this issue. The Gmail Tech support website makes such information and easy tutorials available through which any user can troubleshoot the problem. As per the official website, these are the steps you need to follow for Gmail password recovery.

  1. Go the sign in page of
  2. Then, click on the Need Help option posted under the blank password box
  3. Now, click on the option which states that you have a password issue like ‘I forgot my password or I am having trouble with my password’
  4. As you would click on the ‘having troubles with password or can’t remember my password option’, in drop down manner, a box will open up. There, put in your Email address.
  5. Now, type your last remembered password in the page where it asks for so
  6. Then click on the option of your preference to get a verification code (phone call or text)
  7. Or click on the option confirming access to the recovery email address
  8. Now, if you have taken the phone verification mode, then you will just need to put in your verification code and then you can easily gain access to your account
  9. Or if you have taken the recovery email id access more, then log in to your recovery email and find the ‘change the password’ email. Using the link in that mail, now you can change your password.

That’s it and you password is recovered!

The issue of Gmail password recovery and password resetting is closely connected but if you already remember you current password and still want to change it then you won’t need to go in to the trouble of verification and recovery mail. Here is the simple method to reset your password as listed on the Gmail tech support. Log in to your Gmail account and go to settings. Now click on the option of Account and Imports and then click on change password. That’s it! Four steps and boom! No verification or authentication is needed if you already have password information. In addition to the Online website support, there is another medium: Phone support option available through helpline numbers from Gmail. Using these numbers, it becomes easy for users to get information and help on issues like Gmail password recovery that hinder their Gmail account service. In fact, the phone option is almost a blessing for those who don’t want to visit the online website due to lack of browsing skills or lack of time or lack of technical information or any other reason. The phone support provided by Gmail officials is convenient as well but there may be certain issues getting the call connected because Gmail has millions of user and who know how many of them are dialing the same helpline number at the same time as you are! Purely a coincidence but it happens sometimes.

However, if you want a foolproof solution then third parties would be handy for your requirement. What’s makes them foolproof is that their service is available anytime, anywhere and the cost is not sky touching either! So, you can actually afford this priority based service and once you have made the call to get onsite Gmail Tech support professional, you won’t need to move a finger and the rest of the issue will be taken care of by the expert sent by the third party. Although the service given by the official Gmail support team is free of cost but there is always the issue of time and efforts however time and efforts can be saved with Third parties.


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