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Human motion analysis become more advanced in computer vision


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In the latest researches of computer vision, the human motion tracking enables the increasing attention on the interest of motivation. The applications are being motivated in the wide spectrum of related topics. It involves the orientation of human body parts in an image. In addition, it tracks each and every movement of all joints over the sequence of an image. It recovers the underlying of 3D body structure which is useful particularly for the algorithm of athletic performance orientation as well as medical diagnosis. It involves the typical analysis of monitoring the human activities that uses computers in security sensitive areas like airbase, borders and the lobbies of buildings.

Listed above the key components of human motion tracking

  1. Weapon Orientation: The orientation of weapon and safety equipments enables the motion estimation which helps to find the authenticated movements with regards to tracking of human motions. There is 3D body structure which is captivated on focusing the sections of motion analysis of human body parts. With having the development of motion analysis, it becomes important to orient the movement of weapons in the form of auxiliary sensors. Other applications of human motion sensing include unmanned interfaces, video conferencing and etc.
  1. Head Tracking: This is the most important key component in terms of human motion tracking. Head tracking involves digital equipments which track on the head of pilot as where he is looking and targeting the missile for. This is the basic component without which it is difficult to think about the accomplishment of the operations. Apart from aircrafts, there are many other areas where human head tracking is using much in existence. Many approaches like 2D and 3D orientation are also involved in human orientation. This focuses on the orientation of digital model which detects the movement of object.
  1. Robotics navigation: There is robotics navigation in which the robots are in existence as of much nowadays. The robots collect the information and data into the mobile processor and then transform the same through the digital signals in the indoor/outdoor location. There are sensor fusion equipments when it comes to get the developments in the inertial position tracking and the motion sensing. There are robots plays the great role in detecting the movements of each object. Thanks to robotics navigation with which it is easier to operate any toughest mission. The robotics navigation technology covers a wide area of operations.

What about Inertial Labs Inc. ?

Inertial Labs Inc. is a company which is delighted to offer the great services in weapon orientation, 3D orientation, human tracking, object orientation, and attitude and heading reference systems. This is all represents their focus. Each service of Inertial Labs provides the excellent performance within the fraction of performance and size at the cost of closest competitive devices. In addition to orientation services, they also provide the professional services in law enforcement trainings and simulations of persons and weapons. To know more about the training and simulation services offered by Inertial Labs, .

Inertial Labs Inc. is a company which is specialized in services relating to human motion tracking weapon orientation head tracking and robotics navigation.


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