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Data Processing and Processing Activities


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The processing of converting the raw material into finished goods requires some processing. Same way, to convert the data into information, the processing of the data is processing. Data is important because, data is not useful until it is subjected to a ‘value-added process’ of data processing.

Data processing can be defined as, collection of data processing of data, producing of valuable information and dissemination of information. We were using different methods for data processing, but now, computers are doing all these operations, so this is known as electronic data processing (EDP). EDP means manipulation of data in more useful form by using some electronic devices such as computer.

The cycle of data processing is consisted of input, processing and output.

Input data entered into a computer from a keyboard, voice recognition software, a mouse, another computer, or data storage device such as a disk or tape.
Like the manufacturing process, which converts the raw material into finished goods, a transformation process in computerize data processing, converts data into information according to user needs. The process could be any process like, calculating, arranging, summarizing, or other operations.

Output data resulting from the operation of a computer. Output may be displayed on a monitor, printed, stored on a disk, or played on loudspeakers.
Data Processing Activities:
Data processing activities or data operations refer to the steps or stages of data. Converting data into information is a lengthy process and involves many activities. Involved in the processing much more should be taken while performing these activities. There are four basic activities:

1. Capturing the data for input
2. Manipulating the data
3. Managing the output results
4. Disseminating or communicating the data

1. Capturing The Data For Input
The first activity is to collect the data for entering it into the system. The data may be captured either directly from the input devices, whenever a transaction occurs or from papers forms, called the source document. The process of capturing the data is also known as transaction recording since data originates whenever an event or activity takes place e. g. particulars of sale may be recorded, when an employee starts work may be recorded

2. Manipulating The Data
Once the data is entered into the system by the user, and then operation (process) starts). The processing also refers to as manipulating and may involve the operations mentioned below:
Sorting or arranging

3. Managing The Output
Results Outputs are the final results produced after data processing. This output should be managed properly, so that it can be used efficiently and effectively.
Historical e. g. payment history of customer.
Forecast e. g. manufacturing schedule of factory.
Actions e. g. bill sent to customer. This operation consists of three activities.


Output must be stored for future use and processing. This operation places the data on some storage media. The output can be stored on paper or on Disk(s).

This activity refers to the searching and recovering data stored on some storage media.

The producing means duplicating the output on some other places or media. This operation can be done for security purposes or further processing.

Disseminating or communicating the data
Processed data should be transferred who want it, or to another location for use or further processing is dissemination or communicating the results? This process continues until the information reaches to the destination.

4. Disseminating or communicating the data
Processed data should be transferred who what it, or to an other location for use or further processing is dissemination or communication the results. This process continue until the information reaches to the destination.

Imran Zafar writes articles about computer basics and database management such as transaction processing , parts of CPU and basics of computer .


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