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Online Backup and the Consequences of Data Loss For Business


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Online backup, why is it so crucial?

Most companies, business corporations and organisations nowadays are totally dependent on their computer data; and the value of that data is not easy to cost. However, the cost of a data loss to any business is very significant, not only in the man hours that it would take to recover it, if recovery were possible; but also financially.

What price can be put on lost invoices for goods and services, records of monies owed to the company and lost details of every customer and supplier. Add to that the records stored of every product a company may stock, the quantities on stock, the amount on order, the supplier of that product and the cost and selling prices. How much would it cost your company to manually reinstate that lot if your data was lost? Online backup is the most cost effective way to prevent against data loss.

Just to emphasise how vulnerable your data is, how many times recently have you read in local newspapers about businesses being broken into and computers stolen. Apparently there were over 20,000 computers stolen last year. What happened to the companies who were affected by that? How many closed their doors forever, how many gave up shortly after; total data loss is as disastrous as that. If only they had chosen online backup.

Then there was the even bigger list of companies who suffered total hard disc failure, had viruses, fires on the premises and flood damage.

So how do you back up your records, disc, tape; and how often do you back them up; religiously every night, or when you remember? The beauty of online backup is it saves your data as you write it. If you backed up your data the night before, how much information has been input if your hard drive fails at 4.00 pm? How much crucial information and how many total man hours of work will have been lost during that period?

Data loss can happen to organisations even with good backup protection; but will all items be on the tape or disc, such as contacts, email messages and other important items perhaps stored in folders in Exchange, Outlook, Domino and GroupWise. They would if you were using remote backup and elected to back them up as part of your online data backup.

Who do you call if you back data up yourself to tapes etc and you can not restore your data; a very expensive IT expert? Customer service and assistance with data restoration, comes free with all good online data backup companies.

On line backup companies offer the most reliable and cost-effective solution for bringing your business back online, in the event of any data loss or disaster scenario.

So, I hope that I have managed to emphasise the importance of online back up; and how critical it is in this computer age, to every business and organisation, from large conglomerates down to the one man business. You will be very fortunate if one day disaster does not strike your data system and if you are not fully protected by online backup, why not look into it now before it is too late.

Simon Zimmo from SecuriData online backup service. For more information click for online data backup


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