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Protect Your Precious Memories With Online Backup


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Although some of us yearn for a time before computers, we live in a digital world. Many of us own computers not for our own benefit, but because our friends, children, and grandchildren insist on using email and digital photographs to communicate with us.

However computers fail. They stop working or get attacked by viruses or even get burned up in a fire. When that happens, many of our memories go with them. Letters from loved ones, pictures of your family, that video of your daughter's wedding can all be gone in the blink of an eye.

The good news is that all of these treasured items can be saved. When a computer is backed up, a copy of the information is made and stored somewhere else. If the computer is damaged or even completely destroyed, the information remains safe.

Computer Backup Options

In the past, computers were backed up onto tape cassettes. This was an inexpensive and easy way to make many copies of information, but was used mostly by businesses. Tape backups require buying a special tape drive that has to be installed in your computer so aren't common among non-business computer owners.

Tapes are still used for backup data storage but there are other options. Most computers today come with drives that can write to CDs or DVDs. When this capability was first introduced, it was an expensive and slow process and tape backups were still common. As the technology has improved and the price has come down, this has become one of the most common types of backup.

However, each disk can hold only a small fraction of all the information on your hard drive. A full backup could take a dozen disks and someone has to be available to swap disks as needed.

The Advantages of Online Backup

Now that internet connections have become so fast, many people are opting to use online backup for their remote backup needs. With online backup, all of your information is saved to another computer over your existing DSL or cable internet connection. There are no tapes, CDs or DVDs to buy, no extra equipment to install, and your data is saved without any intervention from you.

The connection used for your backup is encrypted so no one can eavesdrop on your data and read it as it is sent. The remote computer your data is stored on is protected against intrusion and only a password you choose can get access to your information. Even the company that operates the online backup service can't get to your data.

A big advantage to online file storage is that it is “set it and forget it". After you install the backup software on your computer, you tell it how often you want to back up and it will automatically do it without your intervention. This way, if disaster strikes, your precious memories are safe and you can rest easy!

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