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Remote Data Backup Service - A Guide


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As a computer owner are you familiar with a remote data backup service? If you consider the data stored on your computer's drive to be important then it really doesn't matter if your a small or large business or home user. In all cases you want access to information backups so that in case of loss you could restore the needed data from the remote storage in a timely and consistent manner. This article will focus on different information back up techniques available in the market today including the remote data backup service.

Online Backup System
One of the first places to investigate for backups is an online backup system. If you take into account the fact that computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, computer viruses and data loss from power failures and natural causes. Even with these vulnerabilities it is still considered safer and more data centric to store information on the computer. This allows for better security around the data and makes it inherently more retrievable and usable in a business format.

The above vulnerabilities can be minimized by using an online backup system. This will protect your data by making a copy of the Veritas drive or storage mechanism and storing it on a separate veritas drive or storage mechanism. This technique can be set-up to do this in any time interval you choose. The schedule should be determined by how much time and cost it would take to recreate lost data and/or how long the business could work operationally before the data loss would severely impact the bottom line.

Remote Data Backup Service
The major difference between the online backup system and the remote backup service is that the remote service will store your data in a different geographical location. So if there was a power failure or natural disaster in your area then chances are it won't affect the area where your data is actually being stored. It works by collecting your data, compressing that data, encrypting the data and then transmitting that information to a remote backup server. This process can be done incrementally (i. e. throughout the day) or daily snapshots of data are used. The central them with this type of service is to make sure data providers always have the latest data protected from harm and able to be restored quickly and consistently.

Different remote data backup service providers implement there services differently. One implementation may allow you to go to the providers web-site, provide the password for your data and if successful retrieve it. This is a common implementation but there are also others to be aware of. In all of them the most important idea is to have access to your data at any time.

Regulatory Data Backup
Depending on what type of business you are in there may be some regulatory reasons to have a backup service in place. In some cases you have to have access to certain financial data for the next 7 years. and in addition if your business has a connection with anything connected to personal health data then not only do you have to store the data but it needs to be encrypted and it also needs an audit process around it's retrieval. Of course you could write the software and processes yourself but statistics, time and expenses would support the idea that it probably makes more sense to purchase the backup solution you need.

This article has focused on data backup solutions including remote data backup service. Statistics would demonstrate that most small businesses would not be able to continue to operate with a significant loss of data. Even big businesses will lose significant amounts of productivity, client good will and money when their databases are non operational. However, if they had access to any of the backup solutions stated here their client and operational data would be protected and easily restored. It has been our experience that the remote data backup service can usually cover the needs of both types of businesses and in an economical fashion.

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