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Outlook Backup Software - Why Do I Need It?

Alexander Golishev

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We take a lot of things for granted, such as, for example, when you turn a hot water faucet in your bathroom - you know that hot water will run out of it. Similarly, when you open your Outlook email client, you assume that you will immediately receive all your new messages and be able to send your mails to friends and relatives just like you do every day. However, with just a little bit of bad luck, you can lose the technological blessing called automatically delivered mail.

Mail messages are the most vulnerable form of data because one fine day they can mysteriously disappear, vanish into obscurity, get lost, and never be found! The risk factors are many, including accidental deletion, contacts gone as a result of system failure or software malfunctioning, not to mention a hard drive crash which is almost an inevitable event - no hard drive can live for ever and ever. Natural disasters like flood and fire can also contribute to Outlook data being erased from your hard drive for ever.

In order to protect your Outlook data, you need to perform regular backups, i. e. create reserve copies of all your mail client data including contacts, incoming and outgoing messages and other critical information, and record them to reliable storage media. This is the only way to provide reliable protection of the Outlook data.

Backups must be performed regularly and automatically. If it is the user who does the backup and not the special software, there is a risk that one day they will forget to do the backup, which will increase the risk of data loss. So it is advisable to do backup using professional backup software with the support of Outlook backup feature. Such software makes it easy for you to select all needed data, create a backup task, assign a schedule for it, and perform a backup on a regular basis.

Another issue to consider is where to store your backups. There are still many people who tend to believe that they can save reserve data copies to their local hard drive. This is definitely not a good idea. I told you already and I am going to say it again - a hard drive crash can happen any moment leaving you without a restorable backup. On the contrary, keeping your backups off of your hard drive is something you should seek to do.

There is plenty of storage media out there of which you can choose the most suitable for storing your backups. If your computer is equipped with a CD or DVD drive, it would be a viable option to save backup data to disks. Additionally, you may want to transfer your data to remote locations such as FTP/SFTP servers or online remote servers. However, these two options are only available, if you use special Outlook backup software .

In conclusion, to effectively protect your Outlook data, you should look for an automated backup solution that allows assigning a schedule for regular execution of Outlook backup with the option of recording your data to locations other than your own hard drive.

Alexander Golishev is a copywriter for Novosoft LLC , software developer, with a great deal of expertise in data backup and recovery matters.


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Backup Software
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