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Ways to reduce E waste

Lora Davis

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The amount of electronic products used in each country is astounding, every year alone there are thousands upon thousands of disused computers thrown into landfills - when you realize that a computer is made up from over 1,000 materials and the average lifespan is just 2 years, then it becomes clear they contribute significantly to the e-waste stream. E-waste IT asset recycling Chicago is important because it helps prevent the saturation of highly toxic E-waste that can cause serious health and pollution problems; E-waste contains harmful contaminants including lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium and brominated flame retardants.

If left to sit in a landfill, these toxic chemicals filter into the soil and atmosphere, which in turn have a negative effect on the local community. In some countries the dumping of electronic waste in landfills is now illegal. Also, when E-waste is incinerated it releases heavy metals, including lead and mercury, into the environment which ultimately end up in the food chain. With new technologies emerging every day, and more and more electronics becoming obsolete, our planet has a new challenge: what to do with electronic waste. Electronics IT recycling Chicago has become the way forward with all industrialized nations taking that direction.

Although more people are becoming aware, most people still don’t understand the impact that electronic devises have on the environment. Most people don’t think remember E-waste IT asset recycling Chicago when they are dealing with their calculator, phone system, printer, fax machine or television. They end up on the curb to be picked up and taken to the landfill. Who would have known that your old television screen and computer monitor contained lead and arsenic? Or that your cell phone’s LCD screen is toxic to the environment if not disposed of properly through an electronics recycling center?

The good news is that people are becoming more aware of the problem of e-waste and companies are emerging that are specializing in IT asset disposal Chicago. It takes special facilities and technologies to take discarded electronics and recycle them in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Electronics IT recycling Chicago companies is doing just that in response to the need to effectively manage e-waste.

Now that the effects of pollution are apparent, people need to not only become aware of the problem, but take advantage of solutions to fix it. E-waste is and will continue to be detrimental to the environment unless we take advantage of electronics IT recycling Chicago . Effective, safe and simple: electronic recycling centers can safely recycle all the devises listed above as well as speakers, plasma screens, copiers, stereos, keyboards and other electronics that you may never have thought about recycling.

Because of the severity of e-waste pollution, and the action taken by individuals and legislation, electronic recycling has become a multi-billion dollar a year industry. As a matter of fact, E-waste IT asset recycling Chicago is the fastest growing segment of municipal solid waste. Find out if there is an electronic recycling center in your area to get your family, friends and business involved with the solution to e-waste.


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