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Protect Your Business from Identity Theft

Lora Davis

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If you thought that cyber criminals were only stealing identities from individuals, you are in for a shock; now they are especially interested in stealing from businesses. The same way people are concerned with personal identity theft is the same way businesses are no longer taking chances. You only need to take a wrong turn with your Chicago electronics recycling program and fail to do proper hard drive shredding for an identity thief to wreck everything that you have worked extremely hard for. Today, businesses should know they can be held liable for any customer or employee information leak for any breaches coming from unsecure hard drive shredding procedures.

Cyber criminals only need to get your financial numbers so they can do some serious damage to your business; you may find that someone has opened credit accounts using your business’ name, bought items using your business’ credit cards or loans taken using your business name and that will be disaster personified. The other thing that cyber criminals want to get from your hard drive is your tax ID which they can use to commit income tax fraud and end up messing up with your payroll. Since there are many places where thieves can get access to this kind of information, you can only ensure that you are safe by choosing on-site hard drive shredding services before you go ahead with Chicago computer recycling.

The worst thing about business identity theft is that in most cases things could be going on without your knowledge and they only come to the fore when you want to get a loan to do some expansion or if you are keen enough you discover some oddities on your credit card statements. Worse still, most people have ended up losing their businesses as they try to rectify the trouble with several others being faced with lawsuits for failure to protect the personal information of their customers or employees. Since companies are always upgrading their computer systems, you want to avoid having an electronics grave somewhere in your company where old hard drives are kept; hiring a professional electronics recycling company that will do hard drive shredding and offer a compliance certificate is the only way to go.

There is a lot of information that can be garnered from any business that wants to upgrade their computers and other communication systems; this is especially true if you choose to put your old computers in a computer recycling drop off center. Most cyber criminals have since discovered that computer recycling pick up centers can be a treasure for them. You don’t want to be among those business owners who leave all their information intact on their hard drives believing that their employees have done a thorough clean up. If you are thinking about discarding your old XP Windows based PCs, you want to make sure that secure hard drive shredding has been done and the other components are properly recycled; this is the only way to ensure that no one else gets access to your customer and employee personal information.


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How Identity Theft Works and How to Protect Yourself
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