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How to Deal With Data on Your Hard Drive

Lora Davis

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Perhaps you own an old computer and you want to upgrade to a new one but you are thinking of taking the old one to a Chicago electronics recycling center or a resale shop; you want to make sure that all the data you have accumulated over the years is destroyed securely and effectively. There are great chances that the hard drive of that computer contains very sensitive personal information such as downloaded credit card statements, tax documents etc. The truth is that simply pressing the delete button on your keyboard or reformatting the hard drive is never good enough especially when you want to protect yourself from identity theft. It is important that you learn about different data destruction methods that will prevent any criminals from accessing any of your hidden information.

Digital shredders: If there is one thing that most people don’t understand, it is the fact that deleting a file does not wipe files away from your hard drive; all that happens is that it creates space for other files by allowing you to overwrite on those files. There are tech-savvy thieves who know what to do to revive the deleted files that you may think are long gone. In order to counter this, you may want to make use of digital shredding software; this software allows you to completely wipe out files from your hard drive. Digital shredders are recommended when you don’t want to completely wipe out the whole hard drive such as when you want to remove some programs that were pre-loaded on the computer so that the next user will be able to pick what they love.

Destroy data by degaussing: The other data destruction method, especially for people who have sensitive data saved on their hard drives, is degaussing. Degaussing refers to a process that uses magnetic media to erase the stuff that is on your hard drive using a reverse magnetic field. The actual degaussing machine can cost you some thousands of dollars but you can send your hard drive to data destruction companies that will charge you a fee to use their machines; the goo thing is that the services are affordable.

Physically destruction of a hard drive: If on the other hand you are thinking about computer recycling Chicago , you may want to consider hard drive shredding so that the hard drive is destroyed physically. Hard drive shredding may include taking the hard drive through a series of metal platters with a belt sander that passes on the surface of each platter that ensures total file destruction occurs. There is yet another method where holes are drilled in the platters. No matter what method of hard drive shredding is used, professional data destruction companies will give you a certificate to prove complete destruction has taken place.

About the author: This article has been written by Lora Davis for Chicago Electronics Recycling is which one of the few recycling companies in Chicago that is IL EPA Registered - HIPAA/FACTA Compliant. The company offers all kinds of computer recycle and data destruction with pick up facility.


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