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Hard Drive Shredding Protects Your Privacy

Lora Davis

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Digital privacy is one hot topic today especially because we live during what has been aptly called the information age. Everyone who uses a computer whether for home use or for organizational arrangements wants to make sure that their information remains private; everyone has a computer and they want their privacy protected. The CEOs of large corporations are especially concerned about corporate espionage.

On the other hand, banks, insurance companies and healthcare organizations all carry very confidential information about their clients that they must keep secure if they are going to remain in business. Private citizens are also concerned about the way social media has changed how privacy is now defined; data protection and making sure that data destruction happens professionally has never been more important than it is today.

For most people, the inner workings of computer systems remain mysterious and any talk about protecting your privacy online may not quite make sense even though we all know that it is important. Whether you are thinking about protecting your data online or what is contained in your computer’s hard drive becomes more confusing even to the most sophisticated computer users. Contrary to what most computer users believe, pressing the delete button on your computer will not keep you safe from data savvy thieves lurking all over the world. Your deleted information can easily be resurrected using special software designed to get back lost data. This means you must look for a more secure data destruction service that will not put your privacy at risk.

Whenever you have reason to dispose of old computers, deleting all the information is simply not enough; whether you are selling, donating or throwing them away to be recycled, it is suicidal to forget to protect all that sensitive information. If you are going to dispose of your hard drives, you must take the extra precaution to make sure that all the available data is completely erased using special software that will remove all the files stored deep inside the hard drive. Even though erasing and overwriting will help a little bit but this doesn’t offer a complete guarantee. There are data recovery program that can easily bring all that information back.

There is only one procedure that is known to be 100% secure in erasing all data so that it will never be accessed again; this is known as hard drive shredding. The hard drives are destroyed physically and securely and no one can put them together to access information afterwards. If you fail to do hard drive shredding you cannot have a guarantee that you are completely risk free. Always make sure that you deal with a reputable hard drive shredding company that will also give you a certificate to guarantee that the data was completely destroyed and can never be accessed no matter what.

Author's Bio: This article has been written by Lora Davis for Chicago Electronics Recycling is which one of the few recycling companies in Chicago that is IL EPA Registered - HIPAA/FACTA Compliant. The company offers all kinds of computer recycling and electronic recycling with pick up facility.


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