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3 Reason To Change Your Destop To A Laptop Computer


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Nowadays most people give you a strange look if you tell them that you are buying a new computer, and plan to buy a desktop. With technology becoming such an important part of our lives, it may seem strange to some to buy a computer that is too bulky to go with you everywhere you go. These are just a handful of reasons that it might be preferable to switch from a desktop, to a laptop.

Features that match or beat any desktop

Even a few short years ago, buying a laptop meant that you had to compromise performance for the portability feature, that is no longer an issue. Many very affordable laptops are able match most desktops, and some even have additional features that are not standard in most desktops. These are just a handful of examples:

· Videoconferencing - Videoconferencing is becoming more popular than ever. Using Skype is no longer just useful for people halfway across the world, but significant others even use it to talk to each other during lunchtime. Quality videoconferencing requires speakers, a microphone, and a webcam. Most new laptops come standard with these features, making videoconferencing an option for everyone with a laptop and an Internet connection.

· Touchpads - Some people prefer touchpads to the traditional mouse. However, you have the option to use either one of the control methods, there is no standard desktop that is going to come with a touchpad feature.

· Security - The people designing laptops are aware that these computers are made for a life on the road, they are made to be taken places, which means that they need robust security features to ensure that your files are safe all the time. This can include anything ranging from fingerprint sensors, smart card readers, and password protected and self-encrypting hard drives.

· Wireless capabilities - Walk into any major store and try to find a new laptop that does not come with some type of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) capability. Chances are that it is going to be next to impossible to find one. Many desktops do not come with Wi-Fi capability out of the box and it is something you would have to install yourself. Many of the newer laptops also come with Bluetooth capability.

Increase productivity

It does not matter if you are in school or a fulltime professional, the laptop can always go with you. That means that during downtime, whether it is lunch, you waiting for something or someone, or are commuting, you are able to stay productive by using your laptop. There is no possible way you could do that with a desktop. While a desktop means that you are tied to a specific location, you can always have your files, email, and software at the tip of your fingers with a laptop.

Entertainment everywhere you go

It is becoming standard that you can instantly respond to any message, comment, post, or email. You can listen to music, watch videos, browse the Internet - anywhere you go. That is not possible with a desktop. Some people may say that a smartphone or tablet will replace these features, and while these are great for consuming content, the content creation ability of a laptop is still light-years ahead of the current series of smartphones and tablets.

The final say

With the capabilities and flexibility of today's laptops still increasing, there are more and more reasons that it just makes perfect sense to switch to a laptop instead of a desktop. Especially considering that the cost difference between the two is becoming increasingly narrow, it simply makes more sense to look towards a laptop for your next computer. read more on android market application download
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