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Computer Networking: Types and Advantages


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Computer Networking: Types and Advantages

Computer networking is a system in which computers are interconnected via peer-to-peer connection to share data, information and resources. The computer net working is mechanized directive, which concerns itself with the communication between computer systems and devices. Computer networking is not a self-regulating discipline since it extensively derives most of its hypothetical and practical aspects from other communication technology which are based on computer science, computer engineering and information technology.

Types of Computer Networking

There are four major types of computer networking.

  1. Local Area Network or LAN, which is a network of computers within a very small area. For example, within a one building. Its most distinctive characteristics are high data exchange rates, very small geographic area coverage, and no need for leased telecommunication lines.
  2. Metropolitan Area Network or MAN, which is a network covering a larger area than LAN. For Example, a network of all computers within a city. A MAN may be owned and operated by a single organization but is used by a larger number of individuals and group. MAN is also used in television cable net work.
  3. Wide Area Network or WAN, which covers a larger area than either LAN or MAN. WAN offers four connection options - leased lines, circuit switching, packet switching and cell transmit.
  4. Wireless LAN/ WAN is the wireless alternative of the LAN or WAN which is related to telecommunication networks where the nodes are interconnected without wires or cables. Wireless networking is usually implemented using distant information transmission systems that use electromagnetic frequency for the network carrier.

Advantages of computer networking

There are following advantages of computer networking.

  • The main advantage of a computer networking is the file sharing and access to isolated files. A person sitting at one networking station can easily see the files present on the other networking station. Many people can access or update the information stored in a database, make it up-to-date and accurate. It saves the time, which is wasted in copying a file from one system to another, by using this system, a person is allowed to do so.
  • An other important benefit of a computer networking is Resource sharing. For example, if there are four people in a family, each having their own computer, they will need four modems for the Internet connection and four printers. On the other hand, if they wish to use the resources at the same time, computer networking provides a cheaper substitute by the provision of resource sharing. In this way, all the four computers can be interrelated; using a network, and just one modem and printer can proficiently provide the services to all four members.
  • With the help of networking, you can easily increase the storage capacity. There is more than one computer on a network, which can easily share files; the issue of storage capacity may be resolved largely. One can also design a storage server on the network in order to have a huge storage capacity. A single computer might fall shortage of storage memory, but when many computers are on a network, memory of different computers can be used in different way.
  • There are many soft wares available in the market, which are costly and take time for putting in place. Computer networking settled this issue as the software can be stored or installed on a system or a server and can be used by the different stations.

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